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January 30, 2014

ergopouch™ was born from necessity – the Sack family’s firstborn was not sleeping well at all, despite a visit to sleeping school, a solid sleep escaped all. A sleeping pouch was created in an effort to minimise their baby’s wake time. The effect was immediate, and ergopouch™ has grown from there!

ergopouch™ Baby Sleeping Bags

Ergopouch baby sleeping bag

ergopouch™ Baby Sleeping Bagscome with side and top safety stretch panels that mean your baby can move around easily and comfortably. Natural fibres help your baby keep a consistent and optimum body temperature and are also soft on sensitive skin. Not made with pesticides or chemicals.
Warmth: Cool, Mild, Warm
Colours: Natural (Cool) Natural, Rocket, Sweet Garden, Mint (Mild) Natural, Pink, Mint, Blue (Warm)

ergopouch™ Bamboo Pyjamas

ergopouch bamboo pajamas

Bamboo fabric helps little bodies stay 2 degrees cooler in warm weather and 2 degrees warmer in cool weather and is also an excellent absorber of fluids for little ones who are still being toilet trained. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and hypo-allergenic.

ergopouch™ Arm Warmers

ergopouch arm warmers blue

Ever needed just a little something to keep the limbs warm, but not overheat the core? These clever ergopouch™ Arm Warmers are like a baby bolero, keeping arms nice and toasty without heating the body. Pure cotton organic fleece.
Sizes: 2-12 months and 12 – 36 months
Colours: Blue, Pink, Natural

ergopouch™ Hybrid Swaddle

ergopouch hybrid cocoon blue

To swaddle or to sleep in a bag? With the ergopouch™ Hybrid Swaddle you can choose between the two. Stretch cotton enables your baby to move their hands in a comfy position that won’t wake them up, while arm ‘poppers’ allow for an easy transition into a sleeping bag when your little one is ready.
Baby age: From 0 – 3 months, or 3 – 6 kg
Colours: Natural, Pink, Blue, Grey

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