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Prams and Strollers - A guide to finding the perfect fit!

August 26, 2014

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Did you know we spend more time researching and looking for the best baby pram than we do a family car?

If you’re new to the baby pram scene, you just need to scratch the surface to realise there is so much information out there.

TiniTrader has gone straight to the experts and asked Bruce from Jane Australia at Brand Style for answers to everything you might want to know about buying a baby pram.

In not even six minutes we’ve hopefully saved you hours of research on finding your perfect baby pram, with Bruce covering topics such as:

  • What to look out for with newborn carriers
  • Travel systems: what they are and how they work with your baby pram
  • 3-wheeler baby prams: what they’re ideal for and key features
  • 4-wheeler baby prams: what they’re ideal for and key features
  • Baby prams for more than one child
  • Brakes and safety
  • How to fold and unfold baby prams
  • Hot colour tips straight from Spain’s next season

We hope we’ve saved you plenty of time and got you all the background information you needed so you can find the baby pram that’s right for you.