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Introducing Anita from Fit Mother Hubbard

August 27, 2014
Introducing Anita from Fit Mother Hubbard

When we found out Anita from Fit Mother Hubbard was coming on board the TiniTrader train, we got excited!

Nothing like a bit of motivation to get fit and healthy in the middle of a pretty bleak winter – she was just the kick-start we needed!

Anita began her super successful blog back in January 2013. She’d been thinking of a few blog names at the time and liked the idea of associating with an old nursery rhyme. In retrospect she wonders now if maybe she could have come up with something else, but at the time she had a head full of ideas and she just needed to get them out and shared! Landing a blog name sooner rather than later was a high priority. We’re fans – we need no convincing!

Rewind a little though, and the story behind Fit Mother Hubbard is one to which so many of us can relate. Having worked in London from 1999 – 2001, Anita returned home to Melbourne only to realise she had indeed received the dreaded Heathrow Injection whilst overseas. She was some 14kg heavier than when she’d left.

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She always enjoyed running, but the scales now gave her 14 more reasons to get out and enjoy it some more. It was during one of these early post London runs that Anita experienced a defining moment. A bunch of boys in a red Gemini drove past her as she jogged, and hurled the most despicable comments her way. She will never forget what they said, and she will never forget how they made her feel. Rather than burn her runners, that incident spurred her forward with a whole new level of dogged commitment and motivation. She’d show them. It’s funny that even now she will still think of those boys in their Red Gemini, and she will use them as motivation.

She’s used them to make her fitter, to make her healthier; to make her a better role model to her children.

Anita calls herself an average mum. She has three children under five – the third arrived just 12 weeks ago and has done nothing to delay Anita’s plans for two fun runs in September (one of which is a 100km shared amongst four mums). Anita’s husband is a triathlete and equally motivated to stay fit and healthy. They share their parenting load so that they can each maintain their training. However, the family is so active as a unit that everyone gets plenty of exercise! Anita really enjoys spending at least 30 minutes a day keeping active with the kids, be it dancing to some new tracks on a rainy day or kicking the footy when the sun’s out to play. Once a week everyone is involved in Family Day; they might all go out for a ride or head to the park for a bit of a muck-around.

Fit Mother Hubbard is an extension of Anita’s enjoyment in moving and staying healthy.

Once upon a time she led a very corporate life, but that chapter is now long closed. Six months into starting Fit Mother Hubbard, and Anita found herself nominated in that year’s Bupa Blog Awards. Over 600 nominations and she was a finalist along with four others in her category-Healthy Lifestyle. She found herself in contention for an award alongside Sarah Wilson – how did this happen, she wondered… She puts it down to a frankness and honesty in her writing, and a willingness to take on board her followers’ suggestions. The mummy blogger community is one in which Anita thrives – she gets so much satisfaction knowing her journey is inspiring other mums out there. She’s also incredibly humbled by the generosity of her followers – whenever she starts training for another event they are her greatest supporters!

We’re big supporters, too, and we can’t wait for Anita’s contributions. They are always great reads and we’re sure Fit Mother Hubbard will settle in beautifully to the TiniTrader family.

Enjoy your Fit Mother Hubbard fix!

Stay tuned for Anita's guest posts coming soon here


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