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Food ideas for a Frozen Themed Party!

February 16, 2015
Food ideas for a Frozen Themed Party!

It seems Frozen has taken the party theme world by storm and with the new sequel soon to be released there's no slowing down! If you’re yet to throw a Frozen party for your little prince or princess in waiting, this is the post for you! Here are some great party food ideas to keep in with the theme that are easy to prepare.

Melted Olaf Cups – Mini champagne cups filled with vanilla yoghurt topped with two choc chips for the eyes, a pretzel broken in half for the arms and an orange tic tac or small orange lolly of some sort as the nose.

Snowflake Shortbread – Snowflake cookie cutters can be purchased online. To colour the shortbread, sprinkle blue jelly crystals before placing them in the oven to cook. If you prefer without, add a bit of caster sugar for a glittering effect.

Sven Gingerbread – Reindeer cookie cutters can be found online or as part of a cookie cutter set.

Sven   Sleigh Gingerbread 1

Olaf Cheese Sticks – Use Bega or Coon Cheese sticks and using a sharpie pen, draw a face on the back of the cheese sticks and tie a blue ribbon underneath the face to act as a scarf.

Olaf Cheesesticks 1

Snowflake Cupcakes – Ice baked cupcakes with white or blue frosting and decorate with snowflake edible sprinkles.

Snowflake Cupcakes

Castle Fairy Bread – Use a Castle Cookie Cutter to cut out Castles from bread and sprinkle with blue sprinkles.

Castle Fairy Bread 1

Frozen Birthday Cake – You can purchase Personalised Frozen Cake toppers like the one in this photo for your prince or princess.

Personalise Frozen Cake

I decorated the windows leading outside to the party with snowflake stickers and motifs. You could even get creative by spraying the windows with white spray paint for the frosted look or use cute silver wall stickers.

Some organized activities for the kids included making a snowman using marshmallows and pretzels. We also had blue glitter sticks and jewel stickers to decorate cardboard cut-out crowns.

When it came to the gift bags, I used Frozen motif party bags and filled them with a balloon, some lollies and a party blower. I know some parents who have been creative by filling a party box with a deconstructed snowman and instructions on how to create him or a hot chocolate satchel with some marshmallows wrapped in cellophane.

For decorations, I went with blue and silver theme. Bunting, pinatas, cups and plates are all so easy to find in the Frozen colour scheme.

My four year old Esther enjoyed her Frozen party and of course we had the movie playing in the background. I kept the party relaxed as I had just had a baby 3 weeks prior. It seems there is a lot of pressure on parents to create the perfect party, but kids aren’t so fussed. If you are hung up about creating the most stylized party, you need to follow Elsa’s advice and Let it go.

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