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Fun Playroom Styling for Animal Lovers

January 06, 2018
Fun Playroom Styling for Animal Lovers

The perfect playroom for cheeky monkeys! Created by the amazing team at Live Loud Girl, we are thrilled to share their latest playroom design 'Just Another Day at the Zoo'.

The room is filled with exotic animals in all sorts, shapes and sizes. Pops of colour adorn the walls and stylish storage solutions are found across the room.

Enjoy reading the interview and browsing the gallery below!


How old are the little clients?

The girls are 2 and 4 years old. Just young enough to bring in some cute elements and mature enough to understand the true sence of 'play'.Playroom is intended to be used by boys and girls, friends and family

Did they make any special requests?

Yes there were. The client wanted us to create a space where it is possible to play and relax, to dress up and to draw, to run around in and to chill. Storage space was high on the list as to make it girly yet not too pink so that it can also welcome boys and older friends.

When designing a playroom for girls, we want to make sure that anyone will feel welcome and comfortable. So we rather use touches of pink or florals then going all the way. Also very important to us is creating a space that the kids can grow into. So we want to use elements that they will still like in a few years and that parents can even appreciate.

This room has several different jazzed up walls! Tell us a bit about your decision-making process.

We love statements walls as it can completely change the vibe of a room. Whether it is using wall paper or paint, anything goes for us. In this playroom we indeed went for both. The Nofred Tucan wall paper had been on our wish list to use for a playroom as it is so playful and subtle at the same time. We used a toned down soft teal color in a striped pattern on the opposite wall to create a different corner within the same space. Our Dutch spontaneity and signature style requires some bold elements. Statements walls might sometimes feel too much, yet when you go for it you will see that it works when combining it with the right products.

There are lots of clever storage solutions in this playroom! Which ones are your favourites

Storage is always such an important element to us. For both play rooms, bed rooms and adult spaces we always have a big focus on clever and fun storage solutions. In this playroom against one wall we used a cabinet because we knew these girls love to dress up. So a proper place for their princess dresses was a must. To create a nice nook next to it we used storage boxes that function as benches. Using a mix and match of cushioning makes it a perfect corner for relaxing. For smaller items and toys we always go for a combination of storage solutions like baskets, crates or bags. Storage on it's own should be nice to look at so be sure to funk it up.

What kids' interiors trends do you hope make it big in 2018?

We think personality and authenticity will become more important when it comes to styling a home. There is more focus on curvy furniture, softer lines and materials. Warm tones are still on the radar for coziness, just like rich and earthy tones which keep making an appearances. With this in mind we want to keep creating kids spaces that are clean and esthetic as a start, giving them the needed edge by adding the right colors, materials and structure. We still love the natural vibes and bold elements, as long as it has personality and character.