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10 Baby Gift Ideas for Second + Time Mums!

October 08, 2014
10 Baby Gift Ideas for Second + Time Mums!


Buying a gift for a new mum is fairly easy. Giving a gift to a second time mum who has had a baby with the opposite sex of their first is even easier. But what do you buy a mum who produces another baby with the same gender as their siblings?

Here are some ideas to avoid doubling up of items that the mum may have already:

  • Baby Shoes - I have had my third baby girl and I have lost so many shoes due to the older sisters kicking a shoe off during an outing and I haven’t had the time or energy to go back and look for the missing shoe. New baby shoes means the newborn will have shoes of her own and no mismatched feet.

  • Baby Socks - Same reason as above. Baby socks get kicked off or mysteriously disappear in the wash.

  • Baby Bibs New bibs mean your newborn won’t be wearing stained ones from their siblings.

  • Two Baby Comforter Toys It is recommended by safe sleeping practitioners that babies have a comforter to sleep with. I suggest two so one can be washed alternately or you have a spare should one get lost on an outing. The previous siblings would have had their own, so the new bub will need to have their own special comforters.

  • Size 0 pants Babies start to crawl at this size and the pants will either be black at the knees or have holes in them. The hand-me-down pants will be great for when baby starts to crawl themselves, but it would be nice for the baby to have new pants with no holes or stains for when they go out.

  • Practical items - like newborn nappies and bath wash. These items are always much appreciated and help keep the grocery bill down.

  • Gift Vouchers - Mum may still need to buy clothes to suit the season their baby was born in. Their first daughter may have been born in winter, but their second in summer which means a different size wardrobe is needed for their newborn.

  • A meal - Pre-cooked dinners are a god-send to second time mums as they adapt to looking after more than one child. A meal delivered to mum is one less chore she has to worry about during the day.

  • Scrapbook/Photo Album - The new baby will need to have a scrapbook or photo album of their own to hold photos from their birth.

  • Pay for a cleaner - Paying a cleaner to clean a new mum’s home means she can focus on her children and not on the messy house that may be around her. A cleaner ensures one less thing for the new mum to worry about - at least for a little while!

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