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Gingerlilly - Gorgeous Sleepwear for the Whole Family

May 18, 2015
Gingerlilly - Gorgeous Sleepwear for the Whole Family

The Tinitrader team are excited to welcome, Gingerlilly, makers of gorgeous sleepwear for the whole family.

We have for some time been lamenting that the range of sleepwear available for kids and Mums seemed to be limited. Founder of Gingerlilly, Vanessa, agreed and decided to develop her own range of playful but chic sleepwear. And so, the Gingerlily brand was born.

Vanessa comes with a serious pedigree. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years with names such as Prada and Gas Jeans in Milan, Vanessa has brought her experience and flair for design and fashion to life in the Gingerlilly range.

Vanessa does a wonderful job with the collection to balance quality and practicality with cheeky and chic - not always an easy mix. Through her women’s, men’s, and kids ranges, Vanessa has covered all bases.

We all know there’s nothing better than getting out of bed, relaxing and being comfortable and as Vanessa says “You’ve earned the right to spend the day in your pajamas”! You can relax in style and comfort with the Gingerlilly range.

Gingerlilly is the type of sleepwear that you can buy for your kids as everyday sleepwear and buy for yourself because it is comfortable and stylish. The sophisticated blend of luxury fabrics and textures using silk, wool and the softest of cotton, combine to offer the ultimate in elegant lifestyle wear for the home.

It’s all about those extra touches at Gingerlilly with kids PJs coming in a gorgeous fabric bag and PJs for Mum presented in a gift box.

These make a gorgeous gift for friends and you can enjoy buying and receiving lovely sleepwear in the mail for your children and yourself.

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