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Greentom Upp Classic Review

January 19, 2016
Greentom Upp Classic Review

Adrienne from the Stylish Bump tests and reviews the Greentom Upp Classic

Ever since Greentom burst onto the baby market a few months back I've been keen to try their new stroller.

Claiming to be 'the greenest stroller on the planet' I couldn't help but be sceptical about the quality, how well it would handle and how stylish it would look. But the thing that piqued my interest was that it's made completely from recyclable products.

100% sustainable. 100% green.

And without going all greenie on you, it actually makes me feel really optimistic for my girls' future. What if there was a way to turn everyday household waste, like soft drink bottles, into practical and stylish household items for your family? And what better place to start than a stroller!

I first had a test run at the Tinitrader Pop-Up Marketplace event last month and was so impressed with how stylish and on trend it looks. And because it's recycled from plastic it is just so lightweight, I can easily push, turn and lift it with one hand. At only 7 kilos I can literally pick it up with one hand - and every mum knows how often you only have one hand free!


The frame is made of recycled plastic (polypropene) and the seat and cover fabric from recycled soft drink bottles. This makes the stroller not only highly sustainable, but lightweight and durable as well.

With capacity to a massive 18 kilos I can use it for any one of my pre-school aged girls, which is not only handy, but not usually possible with a stroller.

We have the Greentom Upp Classic that is forward-facing and is recommended from 6 months to 4 years.

The wheels are ultra-manoeuvrable - it turns on it's axis which is SO handy for shops and cafes - and as they're made from recycled plastic with no joins, screws or aluminium it is the quietest stroller you will ever push. And one of the first things I noticed - and LOVED - about pushing it is there's so much room for your walking legs - no more hitting your feet on the pram bars.

greentom walk

I love Greentom's simple philosophy too:

"The smart Dutch design aims to omit all superfluous components, and is described as simple and pure…putting functionality first whilst maintaining style."

And they've nailed it.

The seat does go back a few inches, but it doesn't fully recline for sleeps. But it's not a pram, it's a stroller, so you don't get the features you do with a pram. But it's simplicity is what makes it so stylish, so light, and so perfect for us.

The carry basket isn't huge, but at 10 litres it's plenty big enough for a small bag of groceries or trip to the playground with drinks and snacks for the kids.


The seat itself is so comfortable and really wide, so there's plenty of room for my baby, or my older girls, to sit (or sleep) in comfort. Many strollers are so narrow that by the time you put your child in, their shoulders are squashed and they're so uncomfortable they won't sit there for long. But even wearing several layers of clothing Marnie still has ample room to put her sippy cup, toys or a snack.


It folds down really easily too, you just push the button on the side of the pram and it collapses quite flat, and I can pick it up with one hand to put in the car boot or lift up steps.


There are three different designs for the growing stages of baby's life: the Greentom Upp Carrycot - the bassinet version for newborns upwards, and the Greentom Upp Reversible Push Chair which is a stroller forward or rear facing.

It's 100% sustainable, 100% green. And 100% awesome.


Footmuff, car adaptor and rain cover all sold separately. Lifetime warranty.

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