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Grobag Review 

December 14, 2016
Grobag Review

Tara shares with us her experience with the Grobags from The Gro Company

Grobags are one of the best baby investments we made. We used them on my daughter from the time she showed signs of being ready to have her arms free, right up until we transitioned her into a bed. That's 2+ years of using one every single night.

I now buy them as a practical gift when friends and family are expecting a baby, knowing they will be well used and appreciated.

Tara 1

We used ours in conjunction with a Gro-egg room thermometer, which quickly helped us learn which tog/weight to use and what our baby should be dressed in to ensure she was comfortable and warm, but not overheated. They helped us to feel confident knowing we were following safe sleep guidelines for our child and not second-guessing ourselves when grandparents put forward their own ideas about how many layers our baby should or should not have on.

Tara 3

Travel Grobags were useful for long car trips as they meant we could transfer from car to cot keeping our daughter warm and comfortable.

Tara 2

Living in Melbourne, we got the most use out of 1.0 tog and 2.5 tog Grobags however we did end up purchasing some 0.5 tog bags for summer which were also well used.

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