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Harlow's First Birthday | Get The Look

August 15, 2017
Harlow's First Birthday | Get The Look

We are thrilled to share this perfectly pink first birthday party from Alicia @hudsonandharlow for her daughter.

Have a stalk and shop the look below!


Tell us about the design for Harlow's birthday

The theme for Harlow's birthday was whimsical boho and the colour palette consisted of pinks, peaches, creams, whites, golds and greys.

Where did you look for inspiration?

I got most of my inspiration from Pinterest.

The peg dolls are super cute! Please share details on how we can DIY

Use plain wooden peg dolls. The ones I used were from Kmart.

Paint the body in your favourite colour.

Tutus – Cut a length of tulle 4 times the width of the body, double over and tack through the middle with matching cotton, pull the thread until it gathers up and fits around the body. Secure to middle of the body with hot glue. Cut around tutu to get the perfect length.

Pants for the boys is felt cut in a rectangle and hot glued to bottom of body. Cut out a felt bow tie and glue to neck.

Bonnets are a rectangle of felt the length of the circumference of the face and stitched at the back, cut out felt ears and stitch to top of bonnet. Ears are painted inside with fabric paint. Hot glue bonnet to head.

Paint faces on, or use a permanent black marker to draw face on.

Decorate around the bonnet with tiny paper flowers using hot glue.

Which ones pieces were you most excited to discover?

A lot of the pieces I sourced were from Kmart. I was so excited to get my hands on Kmart's round velvet cushions 1 week before the party, they made great floor cushions for the kids to sit around the pallet table.

The personalised lolly bags were a big hit with everyone and they looked amazing on the table and also doubled as a place card.

I worked with @rockmelononline to create the 'Harlow turns one' wooden wall plaque. It looked beautiful and I can reuse the name part of the plaque in her nursery afterwards.

What are your tips for other parents planning a first birthday party?

Preparation is key for any party, I wanted to enjoy the day so I made sure that most of the preparation and decorating was done in the weeks prior and the day before the party.

Timing is so important for a babies birthday, we made sure both kids had a nap right before the party.






Party suppliers:

Cake: @blondebakingmama Desserts: @niknakssweetesttreats Cake topper: @rockmelononline Harlow Turns One plaque: @rockmelononline Balloons: @lombardthepaperpeople & @partiesmadepretty Lolly bags: @smallprintdesign Banners: @studiobowerbird Mini teepee: @phoenixtribeart Memory drop: @tleafcollections Round floor cushions: Kmart Australia Plates, placemats, cups, drink dispenser: Kmart Australia