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Honeypunch | Get The Look

May 19, 2017
Honeypunch | Get The Look

We are so thrilled to share this gorgeous room from Angela @_honeypunch! Read our interview, browse the gallery and shop the look

Meet the Stylist

1. How would you describe the style of Louis' nursery?

Neutral Scandinavian

2. What are your 3 favourite toys?

Yes, yes, yes we do! And I love them all!!! I think there is nothing better than beautifully handmade wooden toys for children, not only for their educational value and aesthetics but because you know you're holding onto a future heirloom that will be treasured for years to come.

It's really hard but if I had to choose the top 3 which make my heart skip a beat it would be:

  • Siebensachen Mozart Kugel Music Orb from Design Stuff Group
  • Montgomery the Pull Along Dog with Xylophone from Sarah and Bendrix
  • Wooden Train from Happy Little Folks

3. What kids interiors colour combinations are you loving?

It would have to be grey and white I'm a little obsessed if you haven't noticed (wink). I just think this colour combo just provides the most calming children's space.

4. What piece in a nursery do you think parents should invest in?

It would have to be a good cot. I think spending the money on a good one is money well spent. Ours is a Leander and what is great about it, is that it grows with the child and can transform into a bed and see the child through until about age 5.

5. What Instagram accounts do you recommend?

When it comes to children's decor gosh there are so many we really are spoilt! Here's a few I regularly stalk:

@oh.eight.oh.nine @mreiness @mittpallas @nr13b @nordickidsliving

Browse the Gallery




Shop the Look

List of stores:

@leander (Cot) @rafakids from @inmyhoodkids (Wall shelf) @nofred from @designstuffgroup (Table and chair) @zeeandfriends (Teepee) @foxandwilder (Wooden toy storage box) @hardtofind (Floor rug) @loveindilou (Crotchet round floor rug) @fionawalkerengland (Elephant head) @littleconniseur (Personalised floor cushion) @onepennie (White bunting) @thetimbatrend (Book shelf) @thewallcollective (Removable wall hooks) @bloomingville from @growingfootprints (Toy oven) @sproutlingandco (Felt mobile) @yorkeleeprints (Alphabet print) @blackandtypedesign (Typography prints) @hellomia (Knot cushion) @mysweetlittleroom (Star & cloud cushions, star garland & change cover) @frankieandcodesigns (Personalised cushion) @pehrdesigns (Pom pom storage container)

Wooden toys: @Happylittlefolk (Wooden train, aeroplane, building blocks) @Woodenstory (Wooden shape sorter) @oyoylivingdesign from @3.little.crowns (Decorative wooden animals) @behindthetrees (Wooden skittles) @sarahandbendrix (Pull along toy) @lalkastore (Threading toy)

Soft Toys: @luckyboysunday from @hellolittlebirdie (knitted soft toys) @gollyfamily (Felt Elephant) @spinkie (Grey rabbits) @squiggly_monkey (Monkey)