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House of Harvee | Pretty in Pink Bedroom

April 08, 2017
House of Harvee | Pretty in Pink Bedroom

We are so thrilled to share this pretty and pink girls' bedroom designed by the talented Krystal from @houseofharvee!

The Melbourne based Mum has a fantastic eye for finding unique, beautiful and quality products from Australian makers.

Her 6 year old daughter's bedroom is filled with her favourite products that you can also shop directly on Tinitrader.

Enjoy reading our interview and shopping the look below!


When did you interest and love for interior design begin?

When I had my children for sure, I guess I always loved having nice things in my home, however when I was pregnant with my second daughter we had built our first home and it would be the first real time I got to do a nursery from scratch. (Vienna was 9months when we moved into the house so I didn't really get to do her nursery) and my love grew from there.

How did House of Harvee come to be?

Feb 2016 I had just won my very first brand rep competition and my Insta name was @krystal7.

A girlfriend of mine said it was time to change my name! So using my girls names Harlow and Vienna I thought of House Of Harvee!

Tell us a little bit about your design process when it comes to creating a gorgeous room for kids.

I love a gorgeous feature wallpaper! So I usually start from there. If wallpaper isn't an option then I like to get creative with paint colours, painting the bottom 1/4 of the wall a different shade for example.

Everything then steams from there. Im a huge fan of art work in kids rooms and usually do at least 2 different ones. Once I have those things organised I think bedding, layers and texture are so important and super comfy for the kids. Lastly I will get the little decor pieces that really make the room a 'home' for the child. Things like books, wooden toys and handmade dolls are my favourite!

What children's interior trends are you loving for 2017?

Wallpaper!! it just adds so much personality to a room and with all the new removable options you can change it up. Floor cushions are gorgeous as well, they fill the space and are so practical especially since kids love to play on the floor in their rooms :)

What are some of your go-to interiors brands or stores? Are there any cool new names we should be looking out for?

Wow my list of favourites is so long!

You will find all those in my house!

Have a look at Cattywampus on Instagram.. absolutely loving these teepees at the moment.

The list could go on and on!