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How To Buy A Pram Online

April 04, 2018
How To Buy A Pram Online

Are you considering purchasing a pram online?

We have put together a suggestion of steps to follow when shopping online for your pram to ensure that you will be strolling with confidence.

Step 1: Research the different prams available

There are so many different resources available on the web that you can use to help make your decision on what pram is right for your family’s needs.


Every year Australian parents vote for their favourite prams in a series of different excellence awards.

A pram is one of the larger investments for baby so you want to be assured that the one you choose is practical, refined and innovative.

Having a browse of which prams have won Australian awards in recent years is a great way to start compiling your shortlist of brands to buy from.


Awards are great for a broad overview but you can go further by reading the reviews published by the parents themselves.

Reviews on third-party websites are very reliable as they tend to be the most honest and are unable to be vetted.



Here at Tinitrader we also have our in-depth review series ‘Real Parents, Real Feedback’, which is also fantastic if you are wanting a bit more detail.


How does the pram fold down? How easy is it to assemble?

Videos are a great resource to see how the pram works. Be sure to have a look on YouTube and/or brands’ websites to see if there are any demonstration videos.

Demo Days & Baby Shows

Although there is so much information online, you may feel a need to push the actual stroller yourself to see if you like it!

Demo Days and Baby Shows are fantastic places to learn and trial the latest prams on the market.

A Demo Day is a brand-run event that helps parents learn more about the brand’s range. These are helpful as you can see full demonstrations of each model, learn about the safety features and benefits, test drive the models and meet other like-minded parents. There is also often a special deal available if you choose to buy on the day.

A Baby Show is a big industry wide event which has a line-up of all of the best brands. This is a great one-stop-shop for all of your pregnancy needs as you can discover and visit the different pram brand stands for demonstrations.

Some things to keep in mind

When you are researching prams, there are a number of different things that you should consider. We have outlined some key questions to ask below. If in doubt, be sure to reach out to the customer support teams for any clarification and questions you may have.

What capsules is it compatible with?

A travel system connects your car capsule to your stroller. This means that you can transition seamlessly from car to stroller when out and about with your baby. You want to make sure that the pram you purchase is compatible with the car capsule that you want to purchase so be sure to double check this!


What are your future needs?

If you might be needing a double pram later down the track so check to see if your pram has the potential to expand!

There are plenty of prams on the market which you can convert from a single pram to a double pram with the simple addition of a second seat – also referred to as a tandem seat or rumble seat.

Is it safe?

This is the most important one, of course! You must check that any pram you’re purchasing complies with Australian safety standards. Here in Australia we have some of the strictest pram and capsule safety standards in the world so be wary when purchasing from non-Australian online stores,

Step 2: Choosing where to purchase your pram

Most of the items on eBay, Amazon and international websites do not meet Australian standards and brands cannot guarantee the integrity of what is sold online.

Some of these sellers say they meet standards (and they don’t) and that you receive a warranty (and you won’t).

This is why it is important to shop local! Does your brand have operations in Australia to ensure you receive the support you need? Even better, are they Australian owned and operated?

By shopping from an Australian website or stockist, you can ensure that your pram will meet all Australian safety standards and suit the Australian lifestyle.

Step 3: The Final Check

You know the pram you want but when it comes to purchasing it online you may encounter a few different variations in product listings.

The first thing to check is the model. Pram brands release new versions every year so make sure that it is the model that you are after.

The second thing to check is what is included in the order. Product packages can vary so read the description to make sure you are getting everything you need. Keep an eye out for packages that include a travel system, second seat or bassinet – these are great value!

And finally, the third thing to check is the availability. If your pram is a pre-order product be aware that this is an estimated time-frame so make sure you order early just in case the shipment is delayed!

Step 4: Place Your Order

You are ready to go!