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How to Create the Best Nursery for Your Baby

August 05, 2014
How to Create the Best Nursery for Your Baby

When it comes to designing your baby’s nursery, you can make the project as low-key or luxe as you wish; a budget-friendly option or an all-out splurge… Like every other room in your house, how you design your nursery comes down to the individual.

At the end of the day as long as the nursery is comfortable, safe and healthy, then that’s ultimately all your baby needs.

There are however, some great steps to consider no matter how small or big a project you intend this to be!

1. The Nursery Essentials

  • A cot as per current Australian safety regulations

  • A change table

  • A feeding chair - this has to be comfortable for you as you nurse/ feed your child. Ideally it should be easy for you to get out of the chair if you’re holding your baby at the same time)

  • Some storage - think essentials such as nappies and clothing, but also space for toys, books etc so they’re not lying around – you can easily find them when you need them! How much storage do you need? However you answer this question, make sure you then double it!)


2. Scheme & Style

We confess to loving this part of nursery design! It’s where you get to think about the style and scheme you prefer for your baby and unleash your inner creative side.

  • Cosy and traditional?

  • Mary Poppins-would-be-proud classic?

  • Clean and contemporary?

  • Scandinavian fresh?

  • A colour fantasy?

The look is limited only to our imagination! It can be easy to want a little of everything, we’re the first to admit. But it’s so much simpler to stick with the one style and use it to inform all your purchases. It really helps to stay on track both in terms of budget (see below) and the final look and feel of the nursery.

Family photos, mood lamps, mobiles, artwork, shelving and accessories are all additional ways to layer a look into your child’s nursery. Enjoy creating the look!

See Tinitrader's Nursery Style Series for inspiration and great products*

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3. Location & Layout

If you are able to do so, select a room in the house that is least likely to be disturbed. So if your house borders onto the street, then ideally locate the nursery in the room farthest from the noise of traffic (as well as people coming to the door).

Remember to measure your room before you commence purchasing the bigger furniture pieces. A nursery needs to be functional so there’s little point collecting items that once assembled and all in the one space, mean you can’t really move around it.

Placing the cot near the entrance is a good idea for those middle-of-the-night feeds when it’s dark and you can’t see much. If the cot’s close to the door it reduces your chance of tripping on something as you make your way to your baby.

Placing the change table close to the crib is also a smart move. Who wants to cross a room with a soaking wet nappy!


4. Safety

As you’re designing the nursery, keep in mind child-proofing. This includes:

  • Ensuring furniture items such as the cot adhere to current safety regulations

  • Affixing plugs/ fasteners over electric sockets

  • Avoid hanging anything over the cot

  • Keeping the cot and change table away from over-hanging ropes such as a curtain cord

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5. Budget

Babies of course grow, and so too do the finances they require!

We all know how easy it is to get swept away with the birth of a child – especially the novelty that comes with a firstborn. But babies do - how can we put this - punch with a velvet glove!

Vomiting, toilet accidents etc are a way of life at this stage, but it means that quality items will be worn and torn before you know it. Investigate your options early so you can get everything you need within your household budget.

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A Quick Checklist

We've put together a quick checklist to get you started. With all these products and more available on Tinitrader, you'll have no trouble getting a good idea of what you need and where to buy.

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