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Shelfie | How To 

May 23, 2016
Shelfie | How To

The #Shelfie is the latest trend in kids bedrooms. Tara Dixon shares her top five tips for creating an insta-worthy Shelfie!

1. Life & Colour

Adding some fresh flowers or a pop of colour will bring your shelfie to life. There is nothing more ‘real’ than adding a living element to a room. If you’re worried you mini will some how reach a small vase and knock over the water, try a cactus or an air plant. (the generally don’t need much if any water and they need to be replaced as often.


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2. Set the scene

If your room is themed whether it be a style or colour, add a pop of that to your shelfie. For example, if your theme is magical fairies, you can add a little fairy door, or a touch of faux moss with a little ceramic mushroom. Something small and relatable is all you need to tie it all together.


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3. Work with what you have!

You probably don’t even realize you have some great items to make your selfie look Pinterest worthy already! Use some of the classics, stack some of your favourite children’s books, then use another vertically standing alongside of these. Not everything needs to be uniform and piled perfectly.


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4. Keep it personal

Don’t forget to keep it personal. Creating the most beautiful piece of art is meaningless unless it means something to you. Make sure you add a little photo, quote or something that keeps your heart warm.


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5. Be Practical

Don’t forget there are little people living in this room, hanging a shelf too low with breakables may result in tears. Usually more from you than them! Keep your self correctly fixed to the wall in a safe place where children are unable to gab a hold of and hang off, or accidently knock things off. If the shelf is lower, just be cautious of what’s going on there. I wouldn’t put the household fish there just in case!


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Tara Dixon is a Melbourne based mother of one and self-confessed social media junkie. She is the creator of the blog No Cake For Breakfast and has just launched her own children's fashion label Branche Kids. Her interior designs have been featured in Minty Magazine and more.