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Meet Kristy Withers from Incy Interiors

November 10, 2015
Meet Kristy Withers from Incy Interiors

Learn more about Incy Interiors' new Chatswood store from founder, Kristy Withers

After searching high and low and not being able to find the perfect "big boy" bed for her son, Kristy Withers, owner and founder of Incy Interiors took matters in to her own hands, creating Oscar's bed herself. What started as a painful shopping experience marked the beginning of the gorgeous Incy Interiors range, for which many Australian families have come to know and love.

Four years on and Incy Interiors has grown so much in popularity that Kristy and her team have now opened up a beautiful new store in Chatswood Chase, Sydney.

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Just like the original Bathurst store, the new store is beautifully styled and filled with award winning furniture including cots, beds, change tables and side tables - it’s basically a one stop shop for all your nursery or kids room needs.

“I feel like we have really gown up and found ourselves since opening up our Bathurst store” mum of two Kristy says.

“The fit out is more upmarket, but customers will enjoy the same friendly faces and services.”

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And, it’s not just the kids who get to have all the fun, Incy has something for the entire family, from cots for newborns right through to queen-sized beds for adults.

Setting themselves apart with well-designed, high quality and stylish pieces, Incy still remains functional, safe and affordable.


“The main difference between us and other stores is the products we sell” Kristy says

“The products are lovingly selected and not available everywhere. It’s rare to see these smaller brands sold in major shopping centres”.

99 percent of the products sold in the Incy store are Australian designed and from small businesses.

As well as Incys full range, there is also an extensive selection of Australian brands including Kip & Co, Blacklist Studio, Armadillo, Down to the Woods, Aura, Ladedah Kids, Kate & Kate, Love Mae and Seedling.

“We 100% believe in all the brands we stock” Kristy says.

“Australia design is leading the world at the moment and we are so proud to be associated with such talented- but most importantly- lovely people”.

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So what does the future hold for Kristy and Incy Interiors?

“Hopefully a holiday” she laughs

“We’re really happy with our product range and don’t have plans to expand that further but we would like our products to become available in more countries”

“We have a fabulous network of stockists across Australia but there are some gaps where we’d also like to set up more of our own physical retail stores, like in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and maybe in Brisbane too”.

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