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Hobbe Home | Meet Samantha 

May 05, 2016
Hobbe Home | Meet Samantha

Hobbe is home to a range of beautifully handcrafted rocking chairs. We talk to the creator, Samantha Hobblen, about how her vision was brought to life.

When it comes to important purchases for the nursery, a good quality rocking chair will no doubt be high on your priority list.

From breastfeeding to late night cuddles, you spend a lot of time in your rocker, so it stands to reason you need a chair that not only looks good, but is also comfortable for both you and your baby.

Hobbe, the brainchild of super gorgeous mum of two Samantha Hobbelen, is pretty much rocking chair perfection.

Producing beautiful rocking chairs that offer timeless style and supreme comfort, the stunning Hobbe range is sophisticated and elegant, perfectly complimenting both traditional and modern nurseries alike.

Handcrafted from durable and sustainable materials and using nothing but the highest of quality fabrics, the delightful Hobbe range will have you rocking away well past your nursing days.

We caught up with the lovely Samantha and learnt a little bit more about the inspiration behind her amazing brand, Hobbe.

What is your background? Before you started Hobbe had you had any experience in this sort of field before?

Before I started Hobbe, I was a clinical dietitian working in cancer care at a large tertiary hospital in Brisbane.

I started a small business on the side and was selling my wares at the markets on the weekend and after about 6 months of doing this, I saw for the first time a real opportunity for me in business.

I then started and built up a furniture hire business which was sold last year.

I have had some experience in business, however had never had any experience in the baby/children’s interior market prior to founding Hobbe.

Tell us about your journey and why you decided to start Hobbe.

Having recently started a family 2 years ago (we now have two little boys), I recognised the need to create a brand of luxury and affordable rocking chairs & ottomans available in Australia.
I struggled to find a comfortable, stylish and affordable rocking chair when I was pregnant with Hugo, which I couldn’t quite believe as I just assumed I would be able to find one easily.

We ended up purchasing a cheap one and swiftly put it out for council pick up a few nights after bringing Hugo home from hospital as I simply couldn’t get in or out of it and no matter how many cushions I had around me, I simply couldn’t get comfortable and more importantly, into a good feeding position.

After floating the idea with my husband, I set about designing and producing a collection of beautifully handcrafted rocking chairs with timeless style and supreme comfort, constructed from durable and sustainable materials, and using only the finest quality fabrics.

Take us through your design process, how do you source the right materials, manufactures etc.

The design process is just that - it’s a process.

It takes time and love and energy and focus, oh and more time!

First and foremost, our chair designs are about functionality AND style.

At Hobbe we don’t want to compromise on either one of those elements as they are imperative when it comes to the perfect feeding chair.


When I designed our first collection, I had a midwife consult on the functionality of a feeding chair and what was important to allow a new mum to get in the right feeding position.

Sourcing the right fabrics and finishes, as well as manufacturers is also a process. Thankfully I had some furniture contacts from my last business which I used as a starting point.

Where do you seek your inspiration?

Great question! I feel like I get my inspiration from everywhere I look.

From fashion to interiors and everything in between.

There are beautiful lines and shapes and colours all around us and I know what I like and what I don’t like.

Being a mother of two young boys, I also seek my inspiration from them - how we live and the way we use their nursery and rocking chair, it’s all part of it.


I have such a wonderful opportunity with Hobbe to find inspiration in my everyday, then design and concept beautiful chairs and ottomans that are created with our beautiful customers, usually first time mums-to-be in mind.

What separates Hobbe from other brands on the market?

There are a number of things that sets Hobbe apart.

Firstly, our customer service is so incredibly important to us and our beautiful customers are the number one priority in the business.

Our rocking chairs and ottomans are made specifically for feeding/nursing/settling but are style-driven so that they can transition to other rooms in the home once they are no longer needed for feeding.

Our chairs are created with longevity in mind - to transition and grow with our customers and their families.

Our beautifully handcrafted products are created with exceptional quality - we use high-density foam to support the lower back pain that may be experienced after childbirth.

All our chairs are upholstered with a stain resistant luxury fabric so spills can be easily wiped up.

Additionally, the padded armrests allow getting in and out of your chair easily (and quietly).

And the gentle and soothing rocking motion of the Hobbe rocking chair – well, I don’t know what it is about the rocking motion but babies love it.

Which chair from the Hobbe range would we find in your own nursery?

We have a bone/natural Positano rocking chair.


I just loved this design right from the outset and after trying all of them out (as you do!) we decided this chair was the right one for us for our nursery.

Now that our boys aren’t newborns anymore, it’s still big enough to feed our youngest in but also read stories with our eldest.

I feel like it keeps growing and evolving with us as our needs change, which is wonderful.

You’re a mum to two gorgeous boys, how do you juggle being a mum with running your own buisness?

For me personally, getting the most out of the day is all about efficiency.

I get as much done early in the mornings before anyone wakes up and then at afternoon nap time, it’s a couple of hours of power in the office and I’m back in the office after putting the boys to bed and having some time with my husband.

One thing that makes the work days easier to juggle is remaining highly motivated, so on Sundays, it’s no work, no phone, social media free time with my boys (well, until Sunday night usually!).

That precious time spent with family allows me to just ‘be’ with them and be present and also reminds me why it is that I chose to be a Mum as well as run a business.

It’s all about creating a legacy for them.

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What can we expect to see from Hobbe in the future, any exciting plans in the works?

We have just launched our new design rocking chair - our Manhattan, which will be in stock in a few weeks’ time.

I’m also working on expanding our collection to offer a range of contemporary children’s decor items.

They are all in the design phase as we speak and so I can’t wait to show you our new creations in early 2017!

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