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Fit Mother Hubbard reviews Italtrike!

September 04, 2014
Fit Mother Hubbard reviews Italtrike!

Keeping active in our household is not negotiable. Most mornings, you will find my kids and I roaming the streets of Bayside. The kids are on bikes or scooters and I'm followed close by with the pram and our beloved four legged friends.

The kids have a thing for red at the moment. Apparently it makes them go faster. (So their dad tells them).

You can imagine their excitement when they had the opportunity to test ride the new Italtrike Super Touring red tricycle.


italtrike super touring tinitrader

Before I go on, I must say that when I first saw it, I felt a little nostalgic. It took me back to my childhood when Nonna would send over from Venice the classic European built bikes and rocking horses for us grandkids. I always remember how solid and well made they were. The fact that they were handed down to four kids is a true testament to the fabulous European craftsmanship.

The Italtrike is no different. It is well built with a strong, sturdy frame. It's funky handle bars make for easy maneuvering and the ride-on at the back is perfect for siblings that struggle at times with the concept of sharing. One can ride whilst the other travels conveniently on the back.

My 3 and 4 year old have had hours of fun taking it around the block, to the local park or just riding it up and down the driveway.

The easily adjustable seat is convenient when you have kids that are 15 months apart and the soft hand grips make cruising around on this trendy trike a comfortable experience for little people.

Our kids were both given bikes with training wheels for their first cycling experience however in hindsight, the Italtrike would have been a much better option as it gets their little legs moving without the fear of falling off a bike.

If you're looking for a gift for a 2-4 year old, I would highly recommend the Italtrike. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they retailed under $140.

Buy Italtrike Super Touring red tricycle here on Tinitrader

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