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Meet Melissa from Jack & Evelyn

March 19, 2015
Meet Melissa from Jack & Evelyn

Today we were lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Melissa and her children from Jack & Evelyn. Jack & Evelyn produces a range of lovely children's products including customised toy boxes and step stools.

Melissa started Jack & Evelyn in June 2014, and launched to customers in November 2014. The name of the business is quite simply named after her children – Jack (3) & Evelyn (1).

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Melissa had always wanted to have a go at her own business and while on maternity leave with Evie, jumped right in and gave it a go! She is certainly a lady full of ideas and energy.

The inspiration behind the business started from not being able to find a couple of items for her own children, such as lovely quality bibs in simple fabrics that wouldn’t clash with their clothes and a soft and fluffy poncho towel that wasn’t covered in Disney characters! The business and the ultimate product range has grown from there.

The best selling product is the gorgeous toy box. Melissa came up with the design, colours and look and feel of the product and then worked with a manufacturer to bring the product to life. Melissa was keen to create a quality product at an affordable price. Each product is personalised with the child’s name.

Melissa is one busy lady. While juggling a family and a new business she also works in Sales & Marketing at Ford Motor Company.

Melissa now understands some of the challenges and excitement of running her own small business. Her day to day activities mean she wears a variety of hats including accounting, purchasing, logistics, photography, graphic design, customer service, IT, Sales and Marketing!!


The Jack & Evelyn design philosophy is for classical timeless pieces with a colour pallet that will stand the test of time. The Jack & Evelyn Step Stools come in white or grey and are designed to provide your child with independence around the home but not at the expense of your décor!

Each of the pieces are sure to become a piece of furniture enjoyed for many years by many children.

Melissa has an endless list of product ideas and we look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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