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Meet Rachel from Jack N' Jill

February 17, 2016
Meet Rachel from Jack N' Jill

Learn about the Jack N' Jill children's toothpaste and toothbrush range. Fun, natural and does the job - we share the story behind this fantastic oral hygiene brand for kids.

When Rachel and Justin welcomed their first child into the world, like so many other parents do, they began to question anything and everything their new baby came into contact with, ensuring not to expose him to any unnecessary additives or chemicals.

However, they soon discovered a hole in the market when it came to safe, natural oral hygiene products for children.

Frustrated by the lack of options available, the new parents decided that, with Justin’s pharmaceutical background, they would create a product that not only met their standards in terms of safety, but would also tickle the taste buds of children everywhere. From there, Jack N’ Jill was born.

Ensuring nothing but the best when it comes to the dental hygiene of your children, Jack N’ Jill is made from natural ingredients which are completely safe to swallow.

There products are so safe in fact, when evaluated by researchers from Skin Deep- the environmental working groups database for the safety of personal care products- Jack N’ Jill received a rating of ‘1’, the safest rating they have.

We had a chat with Rachel and found out a little bit more about Jack N’ Jill’s fun range of natural toothpastes and oral hygiene tools.

1. Tell us a bit about Jack N’ Jill, what exactly is it all about?

Jack N’ Jill Kids is a fun, natural, and non-toxic oral care range for babies, toddlers and children. It’s sold in health stores, independent retailers and pharmacies in more than 35 countries.

It’s been part of my husband’s family for more than 40 years so we hear all the time about people’s personal experiences with the product.

Together we have given it a complete overhaul and reformulation, and now all Jack N’ Jill products are made using organic and natural ingredients – perfect for the eco-conscious parent.

Being parents of two young boys, we’ve always explored and supported alternative health therapies when it comes to our personal health. We developed an interest in natural and organic products, because we were concerned for our children’s health.

With Justin’s background in pharmacy, it gave us a well-rounded understanding of how best to combine western medicine and holistic therapies on creating an effective, yet safe product.

The Jack N’ Jill toothpaste range includes five fruity flavours: raspberry, banana, blueberry, blackcurrant and strawberry. We also have toothbrushes and other oral hygiene tools catering from the signs of a first tooth, right through to primary school-aged children.

2. What inspired you to start Jack N’ Jill?

As parents, we constantly questioned what our kids came into contact with on a daily basis.We realised there were limited natural alternatives and couldn’t find a suitable natural toothpaste available for our kids.

Everyday toothpastes contain potentially harmful chemicals, which is why we decided to launch Jack N’ Jill in 2011, with our own take on it.

It’s really important for our young ones to use a natural non-toxic toothpaste, as they often swallow toothpaste instead of spitting it out.

Our inspiration comes from wanting the best for our kids, in creating a safer and healthier home environment.


3. What separates you from the generic supermarket brands? Why should kids be brushing their teeth with Jack n Jill?

Like our skin, the soft tissue of our gums readily absorbs any nutrients, or chemicals a product may have. Many mainstream toothpastes found in the supermarketscontain a complex blend of chemicals.

Jack N’ Jill stands out from other toothpaste brands because it is the safest on the market for kids to swallow. The toothpaste contains beautiful plant-based ingredients, such as calendula, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, and xylitol for its anti-cavity properties to deeply cleanse little gums.

4. What exciting things have you got planned for this year?

We’re very excited about how 2016 is looking. We’ll be releasing a range for babies, to help support gum health in those early months. This includes a homeopathic teething gel and some natural gum and tooth wipes.


5. Quite often, it can be a challenge getting kids to brush their teeth. What are some of your top tips to help with this?

Funny you’ve mentioned that, we’re actually in the process of putting together some dental care tips for children and adults alike. A healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and regular brushing twice a day is imperative for healthy teeth.

We have come up with cute graphics and characters for our cup holders and tooth brushes to keep children happy. The buzzy brush keeps kids entertained with an upbeat tune while brushing.

Not to mention the five deliciously fruity flavours that are a hit with our kids!

6. How do you manage to balance both work and family?

Work life balance can be tricky and quite challenging at times, especially with two young ones!

Personally, we feel that being present in the moment and ensuring we give our full attention to what we’re trying to achieve has helped us along – whether its being effective in the workplace or if we’re spending time with our kids and giving them our full attention in the evenings.

Spending quality time with the kids is really important and we usually spend Sundays as a family - we call it ‘Pyjama Sunday’!

Having said that, its really important to put time away to unwind and do the things you love. Justin’s love for electric guitars allows him to tune out, while gardening is my passion. Learning, exploring and traveling are some of the things we love doing as a family.

7. What are your hopes for the future, both personal and for Jack N’ Jill?

We’re so lucky to have a business that is both fun to work with and has the ability to better the lives of families around the globe – we hope that this continues on as we find fun and effective ways in inspiring and creating the safest, yummiest products for our babies and children.


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