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Jane Epic Stroller Review from Supermum, Katrina

September 23, 2014
Jane Epic Stroller Review from Supermum, Katrina

As a mum with 3 busy boys, I am very focused on practical , easy with a little bit of stylish mixed in! The stylish bit is often hard to find in a house full of boys. The Jane Epic pram lived up to my requirements!

The Jane Epic is super compact and super lightweight. It fitted easily into the boot of my car alongside school bags and various other bits and pieces. The Jane Epic is easy to fold and unfold. The fold and unfold can be achieved in one easy movement with one hand and one foot! This was handy given I am usually carrying bags or a small boy in one hand.

The Jane Epic has loads of other clever features. For a compact pram, the suspension seems to be really effective. Walking across all surfaces from concrete to unmade foot paths was easy and gave a comfortable ride.

The pram also turns on a dime and easily fits besides tight tables at cafés. The pram was terrific for walking and the designers have cleverly ensured that the bar between the back wheels is raised and put forward so that there is no chance of tripping when walking briskly.

The pram’s fabric is easy to clean. We had a small juice spillage and some gooey biscuit hands wiped on the seat. Both of these wiped off with a damp cloth and left no residual mark. The fabric has a nice feel and looks like it is high quality. The fabric colours also seem to be super fashion forward. I love the purple version.

Even though the pram is lightweight it feels solid. It also feels very balanced and seems to not tip easily (even though I had our dog tied to the handles pulling in the opposite direction!).

The storage in the under seat pouch is relatively limited; however I understand that there is a specially designed shopping basket that can be added to the pram. This could be useful if you were hoping to take the pram shopping on a regular basis.

I thought that the price presented great value at under $1000 with the carrycot included. I didn’t use the car capsule, however this adds great versatility to be able to clip in a car capsule with a newborn.

Overall I thought the pram was very practical and stylish and if I go for number 4 I will definitely consider purchasing the pram! Don’t tell my husband!

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