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Jelly Door, Cool & Contemporary Kids Fashion Boutique 

September 23, 2015
Jelly Door, Cool & Contemporary Kids Fashion Boutique

The Tinitrader team were delighted to come across Jelly Door, a kids fashion boutique oozing with amazing clothing and accessories from a collection of unique and on trend kids brands.

Jelly Door leaves parents spoiled for choice when it comes to putting together funky wardrobes that really stand out from the crowd.

Sam Tucker is the owner and founder of Jelly Door. Each brand Sam stocks is carefully selected ensuring Jelly Door remains fresh and unique offering parents something different from every day wear. Some of her most popular brands include Mini Rodini, Pax & Hart, I Did Denim, Motoreta and more.

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We were lucky enough to chat to Sam more about Jelly Door, her family and her fashion tips.

Tell us a little about your background and why you started Jelly Door.

I have no professional experience in the fashion industry however have always been passionate about what my kids wear, especially with the labels out there today. There are so many unique and amazing brands! Naturally, I wanted to share my finds and so, Jelly Door was born.

What do you love most about your business?

I love coming across new and cool labels that don’t always have a big presence in larger chain stores. To be able to share my finds with my customers brings me such happiness – there’s nothing better than seeing kids wearing their purchases and absolutely rocking it!

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Tell us a little about your family.

I have three sons aged 22, 20, 17 and a daughter Hope, 4. You may see Hope on my Instagram - she’s one of my best models!

What is your mantra for juggling family and work?

I always set aside time to spend with Hope away from my computer. I try and get outdoors as much as I can and make this a big part of achieving work/life balance.

The best thing about being a Mum is..

Watching my boys grow into beautiful men who all care a lot about their friends, family and the environment. We are very close and they all adore Hope.

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What are some of your favourite fashion trends from the latest season?

I love Motoreta and their simple lines and structured pieces, they look so cool and effortless. I am also loving the fashion these labels have for mums too. I am a black jeans and white tee fan, I love ACNE and enjoy combining it with the i dig denim bomber jackets and Nor-Folk tee’s - I wear their tee’s everyday!

What is the number one item every parent should have in their children’s wardrobe?

Black Jeans – you can’t go wrong!

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