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Joolz Geo Pram Review

December 11, 2015
Joolz Geo Pram Review

The Joolz Geo is a versatile pram with several configurations - perfect for multiple children.

There’s something special about purchasing a pram. It creates a buzz and excitement about the arrival of your newborn baby. It’s fair to say that I was hit with a big dose of reality when I had to pick out my duo pram. With the thought of me scooting around with a newborn and toddler, that feeling of “ok this is really happening” certainly kicked in.

I felt a bit of pressure. It was really important to me that I chose the right pram for our growing family, and to be honest there are so many prams to choose from that it can get a little overwhelming.

In my experience, before you start looking at prams it is a good idea to write down a list of things you find important. For me, the most important factors to consider are safety, size, durability as well as how easy it is to steer and pack down. With all of these factors in mind I decided on the Joolz Geo Pram, which I had first seen at the TiniTrader ‘Out & About Event’.

Joolz Geo Configurations:

The Joolz Geo pram offers three configurations, remaining extremely manageable and easy to maneuver no matter which configuration you choose.

joolz geo types

Joolz Geo Mono

The Joolz Geo Mono can be converted from a cot to an adjustable seat with spacious underneath basket storage. RRP $1,699.

Joolz Geo Duo

The Joolz Geo Duo is the perfect pram for an expanding family. A great investment if you plan to use it as a solo pushchair with extra storage for your first baby, the Duo pram is then easily converted to a double when your second arrives (rather than buying a single and then a double pram). When it is time and your newborn has arrived you use the carrycot initially, and then the seat from six months. The pushchair can be used from newborn up to 17kg. RRP $2,099

Joolz Geo Twin

The Joolz Geo Twin is for a family with twins. I found the bottom cot was mostly covered by the top, so access to the below newborn seemed a little tricky. The seats were fine just the bottom cot looked a little cramped.
RRP $2,259

Personally, if I had twins, I would opt for something like the Bugaboo Donkey Twin as both babies are up high and easy to view and access at all times.

Joolz geo slideshow10

Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide whether the Joolz Geo is the pram for you:

Joolz Geo Pros

  • Easy to change seat formations and collapse

  • Taxi and restaurant-friendly

  • Easy to steer, so you can enjoy your coffee and push with one hand (even in double mode)

  • Adjustable handle bar height

  • Comes in a variety of beautiful coloured fabrics and leather detailing

  • Bumper unlocks with one hand and is removable

  • You don’t have to remove the cot from the pram in order to fold it down, you adjust the front of the cot and it flattens both seats together

  • Tested really well on all kinds of obstacles during my trial, this included tricky turns and bumpy surfaces

  • The single-sized footprint means you can set aside the duo set up, and when folded down it can fit easily in the cupboard, under the bed or under the stairs. Being able to remove the seats from the chassis is especially handy if you're short on space as you can store the folded parts in separate places

  • You can also hang a maximum weight of 5kg from the handlebar, although personally I would not hang a bag while using a carrycot as it would sit directly over the baby’s head

  • You can buy a footboard for toddlers to attach onto the back of the pram for those “I don’t want to go in the pram days”

Joolz Geo Cons

  • No rain cover included

  • No storage included in double mode (the side pack shopping bag can be purchased as an added accessory to attach to the side of the pram, but that’s an additional cost)

  • No additional storage pockets

Joolz Geo Duo

One worry I did have about the Joolz Geo Duo, as with the twin pram, was the limited space between the two seats. If your toddler is napping while the baby below wants to sit up, their view is fairly limited. I did a bit of research into see if anyone else had found this to be an issue and came across a blog review from a mum that uses the Joolz Geo Duo with both her children. She had written:
“I was worried I might have to remove the upper seat in order to slide my toddler into the lower seat but actually it was fine. It's not as big as the main seat but she still had plenty of room.”

Whether you’re first time parents hoping to eventually expand or a growing family with another one on the way, The Joolz Geo Duo pram is a great investment. The stylish design comes with a beautiful fabric that can be removed and washed and the leather detailing on the bumper and handle give the design a luxury feel. All this plus more makes the Joolz Geo Duo well worth its price tag.

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