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The New Kalon Range! 

July 15, 2014
The New Kalon Range!

We love love love Kalon's range of beautiful cots and furniture.

For parents looking for streamlined, contemporary and beautifully constructed furniture, look no further than Kalon!

A young contemporary design studio in the US, Kalon focuses on producing products with lasting intrinsic beauty. It's all about the piece of furniture standing the test of time from both an appearance and functionality perspective.

Much of Kalon's furniture has been designed to transition from a baby nursery to a kid’s bedroom. In some instances, even to an adult bedroom! The furniture has been so well crafted that your kids may be able to pass the furniture onto their own children.

Kalon prides itself on being environmentally conscious. Sustainable options are used in the manufacturing process including raw materials that are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and food safe. Woods are finished with an oil rather than a toxic stain ensuring only the best quality for your family.

The Caravan Cot is available in 8 colours including the limited edition pink which will be available in August for the first (and only) time. Made of 100% solid certified maple with painted rails, it’s also available in raw.

Down the track the conversion kit in a range of colours can be purchased.This no fuss, kit-free option converts the cot into the Divan toddler bed - a great option for fast growing families!

Beautiful in design, the Divan is available on it’s own and is guaranteed to make the perfect day bed and reading spot down the track.

Kalon have also produced the perfect modern dresser. The dresser will complete the look in any baby nursery or kids bedroom.

Kalon’s design, make and quality is second to none. All pieces are classics and make perfect furniture options for the house (not just the kid’s room) for years to come.

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