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Styling Your Kids Bedroom - Where To Start? 

April 14, 2016
Styling Your Kids Bedroom - Where To Start?

Lots of inspiration for redesigning or creating your child's bedroom but don't know where to begin? Tara Dixon shares her top tips for making your dream room a reality!

If you’re like me and have been trawling Pinterest for kids room inspiration for I dunno’ maybe the past two years, and the time has either come to start from scratch or transform your little ones bedrooms, the most difficult thing is finding the right place to start.

My suggestion for recreating a space for looks you have seen online or in friend’s rooms is to create a mood board. You can add and move around all of the items you “just have to have or else you’ll die” and see what they look like together.

It has helped me immensely when styling our entire house.

This one below was created by the gorgeous Tayla from Gum Valley Glam Interiors. Tayla and myself worked together in sourcing all of the gorgeous items you see in my kid’s rooms.

Mood Board Olive

Advice For Styling Children's Rooms

Remember they are not babies for very long. Buy a few pieces that will stand the distance.

  • It is best to invest in the big stuff like chests of drawers and beds because they are the items that will remain in the bedroom with each room change.
  • Choose neutral basics! You can always change it up with louder soft furnishings
  • Quality over quantity. I have always kept my children's rooms minimal in terms of being selective with smaller, statement pieces.

It is a lot more expensive to get rid of the hot pink four poster you once loved and buy a new one! Ha!

From the inspiration board to reality

Sticking to this philosophy of investing in fewer pieces I was able to create my dream bedroom for Olive.

Bibelotte Little Flower Fuchsia Doona

We played around with quite a few quilt covers. Unless you’re going with a plain linen or cotton quilt that you can accessories, you have to think carefully about the quilt you choose. In a kids sized bedroom their beds do take up quite a lot of space. So it will be a big feature. (Choose wisely- it will set the tone)

bedding olive

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Pax and Heart Sunday Love Birds Print

This Love Birds Swan print would be one of my favourite things in Ollie’s room. If you follow my blog/Instagram, you would know I am a sucker from pinks and blushes. It’s a peaceful little print and makes me happy every time I see it. A very nice centre piece

pax one to use art

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Agent Valentine Block Set

If you love handmade wooden toys and décor the Agent Valentine have some great little ideas. Freestanding blocks perfect for sitting on window ledges, beside tables or anywhere there is a flat surface. You can again choose a colour palette that suits the room, and they are very affordable. A great gift idea!

stackers olive room

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Green Cathedral Mini Babanees Bench

Are these stools and bench seats not to die for?! Extremely well made and the perfect little accessory. If you don’t have a low window to sit it in front of, it’s a great place to stack books, accessories and little knickknacks.

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Little Lummi Light Set

These lights are divine, and are available on a plug in cord or a battery pack. I think they’re great as you can buy any colour combo you like. It’s the perfect way to tie in the colour’s of the room, without being to matchy-matchy.

lummi olive

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Star Night Light

Like all kids, we go through stages on “please leave the light on” or “keep the door open” so a nightlight is a must in kids rooms. If you’re looking for something a little more personal, you can look around for an initial lamp, otherwise we are quite partial to stars and hearts for little girl’s rooms.

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Numero 74 Canopy

Every little girl needs a reading nook, cubby house, right?! When I was young I had a canopy almost identical to the Numero 74 one. It served me well.

From sitting over my day bed in my room, hanging over my bed, or just in the corner like Olives is. I had it for years. I love a piece that will carry through the ages as the kids grow.

Alternatively to a canopy (if your hubby doesn’t want you hanging thing from the ceiling- the everyday struggle) you can always use a teepee, or tent, fill with lots of cushions and you’re set!

canopy olive

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Felt Ball Rug

Owning a soft furnishing company, we have a few options for rugs. Recently I was sent a gorgeous felt ball rug for olives room, It is all white and super soft.

Prior to that I have used sheepskins and cow hides as a little cosy place for the kids to sit on under the canopy.

The best thing about the felt ball rugs is that you can have them made from lots of companies in any colour-way you like. I suggest going for something a little simpler, that way again you can dress it up with cushions, teddies and dolls etc. and it will get you through the older years.

rug olive

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Tutu du Monde Skirt

It really doesn’t matter what you hang, but I loved the idea of having a little heirloom piece hanging in O’s room. I purchased this Tutu Du Monde skirt when I was pregnant with Olive and have had it hanging in her bedroom from the beginning. It is pretty and hangs on a sparkly coat hanger. It’s nice to have personal items in their rooms rather than all staged décor.

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Photography by Danielle Trovato for Minty Magazine