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Rooms That Grow With Your Child

February 08, 2016
Rooms That Grow With Your Child

So your baby is growing up. It happens so quickly doesn’t it? Whether they are going from a cot to a bed, or from tween to teen, it’s pretty fair to say that children’s bedrooms will undergo some changes along the way too. So it is important to choose kids bedroom décor that will stand the test of time and taste.

With our 5 babes, I’ve decorated using one simple motto “Big basics and small specials”.

What does this mean? It means, keep the big stuff basic and the special stuff small, from both from a size and dollar point of view. After all, the last thing you want to do is invest hundreds in a Frozen style bedroom furniture suite, only for Disney to release the next big thing a few months later.

With my eye firmly on the hip pocket but my heart set on some key pieces, here’s how I shop when I’m designing a room to grow with my child.

Get lost in the past

Remember that bedroom décor from your childhood? If you still see these pieces around in shops and magazines, then these are the traditional, timeless pieces that just tend to keep on trend.

These styles are a pretty safe yet beautiful choice for furniture and large items. If you can’t find or afford these styles, look for clean and simple designs.

While the butterfly bed might be your 3yr old’s first choice, the white timber bed with some butterfly bedding might be a better long term option if you get my drift.

Same Room 2

Sam Room 3

Classic colours with pops of passion

Painting is one of those jobs where I’d prefer to be watching it dry rather than actually having to do the prep work then apply it. If you’re in the same boat, try to opt for neutral colours for walls and large ticket items. Not only will you save time and money, but it’s also a lot easier to stick on some removable wall paper or wall decals to incorporate the latest on-trend colour. So when your 7yr old asks for a hot pink wall, spare your white wall from the paintbrush and get out the decals instead.

Shelve the Favourites

There’s nothing more special that making a feature out of favourites. The only problem is that sometimes our kids are fickle with their favourites.

My boys can be superheroes one minute, sports the next. Embracing the indecisiveness using simple shelving is your best bet.

Shelves not only offer storage and keep clutter off the floor, they make a great way to display the unique and special pieces that make your child individual. So instead of hiding away the loved pieces, pop them on a shelf that your child can reach easily – whether it’s a wall shelf or freestanding. It adds personality and it’s easy to change your shelfie accessories as your child grows.

Rhys Room 1

Rhys Room 2

Stick it up

I often complain about having commitment issues – not the relationship type, don’t worry. What I’m talking about is hesitating to “permanently” commit to putting a hole in the wall for a hook or shelf.

My kids often find their rooms have completely transformed in the 6 hrs they’ve been at school. So if this is the case, go for adhesive everything if the option is there. Nearly every frame or hanging decoration in our house is held in place with adhesive wall hooks.

As long as you follow the instructions, they are the commitment-phobe’s best friend. It also means that you can switch up the décor as often as you want, or need, to.

Adam Room 1

Adam Room 2

Hook me up

If you decide to commit long term, good for you! Go for wall hooks. Not only can you change the style of hook, but changing what hangs off it is relatively cheap and easy too.

Choose natural or plain shapes and colours for the hook, then experiment! Use jewellery, scarves, bags and skipping ropes to decorate. Not only are you personalising the room, these items will be in your child’s favourite colours and patterns.

Plus you can swap them as much as you like, at next to no cost.

Wherefore art thou?

I love shapes and patterns for art as a timeless pieces, so this is definitely the style I would be looking for when designing a room to grow with your child.

Mix and match the timeless pieces with some wall prints that match your child’s current age and interests.

There are some amazing print businesses with very affordable graphic pieces that won’t break the bank if your child suddenly decides that they don’t like rabbits, they much prefer horses. Believe me, it happens in the blink of an eye

Josh Room 1

Josh Room 2

You give me the sheets

Ahhhh bedding. The answer to the fickle decorator’s woes. Because you’ve used a neutral wall colour and timeless furniture, you’re now free to pick and choose bedding to suit your child’s age and interests.

This is where you can experiment with colour (or no colour at all!), patterns and shapes. Even if you already have the perfect quilt, changing up the pillowcases and the cushions can make all the difference for a child.

Think about using blankets or throws as another option to change the feel and age of a room. My advice is to mix some plain colours with some funky cushions of your child’s choice.

Sophie Room 1

Sophie Room 2

The next time you’re contemplating a room update, or your child is begging for one, then a little bit of planning never goes astray.

Knowing what you’ve got that still works and what needs to be updated is a great way to get started.

Updating piece by piece over a long period of time can also help to take the pressure off a room makeover.

Just remember this mantra before you hit the check out: Big Basics, Small Specials.

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