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The Plumbette's Kids Summer Essentials List

November 13, 2014
The Plumbette's Kids Summer Essentials List

December is creeping up and Spring is the perfect time to do a stocktake of the items the whole family will need for summer.

My husband and I recently took our three girls on a weekend trip away to Ballina which is a coastal town in Northern NSW. The holiday park we stayed at had a fantastic water park for little kids so I knew my four year and 21month old would have a ball in the water.

On the day of our departure, my husband had to go to work for half the day which left me to pack the remaining supplies into the car. I was glad I had been organized at the beginning of Spring to have our beach bag ready with all our swimming essentials. It made packing the bags and car so much easier knowing we had everything we would need to go for a swim. I can still remember the disappointment I felt when I went away with my grandparents to Currumbin for a weekend away and I had forgot to pack my togs!

The best thing about having a stocked beach bag when you have a family is you can make impromptu visits to the local pool or make a day trip to the beach if it’s close enough, without stressing about whether you have packed all the essentials for a great time on the beach.

Here are some of my beach bag and summer essentials:

1. Kids Sun Hats

Check each child has a sun hat that not only fits their head but will offer them maximum coverage when playing outside. Check for holes on the brim, mould near the sweatband and that it still holds it’s shape.

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2. Children's Swimwear.

Kids Rashies can start to become see through when they are constantly in use so check for transparency. If there’s pilling or skin can be seen through the fabric, you will need to invest in new rashies. Check that everyone can still fit into their togs. It’s amazing how much kids grow within a year!

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3. Kids Sunscreen.

Check the date on your sunscreen. Ideally kids should be applying sunscreen everyday when they go to school and on weekends. It’s a good habit to get into. If the sunscreen is being used everyday, the bottle will most likely be replenished frequently, but if you have a lone bottle of sunscreen left in a beach bag, check the use by date and toss it if it’s out of date.

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4. Children's Summer Thongs.

Check for sizing for each child and for wear and tear on the soles.

Shop Kids Thongs here

5.A raincoat and umbrella.

Summer brings storms and rain so check that each child has a workable umbrella and a raincoat that again fits and isn’t mouldy.

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6. Kids Sunglasses.

Often as parents we make sure we have a stylish pair of sunnies, but forget that our kid’s eyes need protecting too.

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7. Beach Towels.

Designate a beach towel to each person in the family. This makes it easy for each person to grab their towel at the beach. Check again for rips and mould and purchase accordingly.

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8. Beach Bags.

Check that it’s big enough to cart everyone’s towels or arrange for a couple of beach bags and buckets to carry towels and beach toys.

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9. Beach toys.

Check that you have frisbees, beach balls and enough buckets and spades for each child to play with. The last thing any family needs on holiday is a fight over who is using the bucket and spade.

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10. Inflatable pool toys and safe swimming floaties.

Check for holes by inflating each toy and floatie and watch if they deflate. This is incredibly important for young children for their safety.

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The best thing about doing a Spring Stocktake is that it gets you well prepared for when summer arrives on your doorstep. It’s also a handy list to have if family and friends ask what to buy your children for Christmas. Happy Stocktaking!

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