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Kinderballet | Learn to Dance Preschool Ballet Program

Kinderballet | Learn to Dance Preschool Ballet Program

Learn to dance in a fun and imaginative environment with Kinderballet

Does your little one love to dance? Of course they do! Dancing is a fun and creative way to express yourself and, from a parent’s perspective, a productive way to release the never-ending energy that comes with being a kid!

But, if you have ever looked into dance lessons for your littlie, you would be well aware of the costs involved. Classes, uniforms, expensive end of year concerts, it adds up!

Kinderballet is different.


Affordable and accessible, Kinderballet is the best way for pre-schoolers to experience the joys of ballet and self-expression in an energetic and fun class specifically tailored to their abilities and levels of concentration.

Founded by Sheryn Zarins, a Royal Australian Dance qualified teacher and examiner with over 25 year’s experience, Kinderballet helps ignite the imagination and enrich a sense of self in preschool aged children through a carefully planned, term based creative ballet program.

Teaching classical ballet principles through structured and creative expression, Kinderballet classes foster imagination and play while also giving your little dancing king or queen the opportunity to enjoy the company of other children while learning to share, listen and respect others.


Setting Kinderballet apart from traditional, elite dance schools, children are free to dress in whatever makes them happy, with independence and individuality encouraged. Whether that be a traditional ballet costume, fairy outfit, superman suit or that beloved dress from grandma – the choice is entirely up to them!

A great way to introduce pre-school children to classical ballet in an imaginative and nurturing environment, Kinderballet is now taught in over 70 venues all across Australia by carefully selected, experienced ballet teachers.

All classes are expertly designed by Sheryn, with original music and lyrics created in conjunction with renowned pianist Jenny Pickering. Kinderballet classes include:

Mummy and Me (carers stay in the class with the children) Ages: 2 to 3½ years Duration: 30 minutes

Kinderballet 'Tots'

Ages: 3½ to 5 years

Duration: 45 minutes

Kinderballet 'Kiddies'

Ages: 4 to 5 years

Duration: 45 minutes

Next Steps

Ages: 5 to 7 years

Duration: 45 minutes


Every aspect of the Kinderballet program has been carefully and expertly designed to give young children a unique and exciting experience with the world of ballet and parents can not stop raving about it!

"My little miss 2 and I had our very first dance lesson today with Miss Kristy here in Brisbane. My usually very shy and unresponsive child danced and pointed her way through the class with admiring eyes on Miss Kristy the whole time. Thank you for a wonderful and sweet introduction to ballet!!!" – Sarah

"I took my little one for a trial lesson today at Burleigh she has not stopped talking about it since we left! We will definitely be back next week! thank you!" – Kate

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to keep your little one active, then Kinderballet is definitely worth a try. An excellent way to help preschool children experience the joys of dance and self-expression, as well as make some friends along the way, make sure you check out the Kinderballet website and find a Kinderballet location near you!

Located in QLD, NSW and Victoria, you can find a class suited to you. Find your closest Kinderballet

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