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Kip & Co New AW16 STARDUST Collection

February 05, 2016
Kip & Co New AW16 STARDUST Collection

The new Kip & Co STARDUST collection is here!

After being launched at the Tinitrader Sydney Pop Up, the new Kip & Co STARDUST collection has hit stores. Included in the gorgeous collection are some Kip & Co classics including blankets, PJs, wraps, bedding, cushions and more plus some exciting new additions including bassinet sheets, canopys, travel bags and play mats now thrown in to the Kip & Co mix.

You can now make the new Kip & Co STARDUST collection your own and begin transforming both your and your child's bedrooms with Kip & Co's dreamy prints, colours, tassels and pom poms! We love the soft colour palette and velvet featured in the collection

Read on to learn more about the inspirations about the Kip & Co STARDUST range...

Launching in 2012, Kip and Co. continue to go from strength to strength. After initially specializing in bedding, sisters Kate Heppell and Hayley Pannekoecke, along with their friend Alex van der Sluy, quickly saw their business expand into a vibrant and fun lifestyle brand.

KipCo 113

We are so excited to have the girls from Kip & Co. launching their beautiful new range, AW16 Stardust at our upcoming Tinitrader Sydney Pop-Up.

Inspired by the everyday and out of the way, the new collection will no doubt bring the bright and bold designs we have come to expect from the Kip & Co girls, adding instant energy to any room.

We spoke to Alex about the upcoming range, and what else the girls have planned for the future.

Tell us about your new collection and where the inspiration came from.

Our new range is AW16 STARDUST and launches in March. Its a tribute to the most giddy of nights, a peek inside the fantastical and the magical, a walk on the wild side, a prowl in the boudoir.

This winter, we are ready to shimmer and dance the nights away. STARDUST includes a complete range of adult, kids and tiny bedding, reimagined.

We’ve immersed ourselves in hues of soft rose, burnt brandy, silver, and stone fruits. It’s a very textural range with velvet, layers of linen, cotton, oversized tassels, and the carnival pom poms.

Kip   Co AW16 Stardust Bedroom 1

How does the creative process within Kip & Co work? How does the designing happen and what at the stages in bringing a collection together?

We are always finding inspiration in the everyday and out of the way. We love travelling and enjoying stumbling on ideas in the most unlikely of places.

At a more practical level, the three of us (Kate, Hayley and Alex) will develop the range at a series of design sessions, where we come together with our favourite concepts and the combination of those inputs is the foundation for our range.

There is a little of each of us in everything.

Kip   Co AW16 Stardust Bedroom

When will the new collection be available in stores?

The range launches in March and should be in-store shortly after.

How do you work together as a team with family demands, outside work etc?

We are the most flexible of workplaces!!

We are great friends so can work over dinner out, over a cup of tea in a lounge with one of the kids snoozing in the corner, on whatsapp on a weekend or in a warehouse. You name a place, we’ve probably worked there.

But our priority remains our family and friends so we make sure we keep the balance right.

Are there any new products in this collection that you haven’t included in a collection before?

Yes! This season, we are launching the ultimate weekender bag, adding to our existing travel collection.

The mini-capsule is meticulously curated with leather trims, brass hardware, and Kip & Co detailing. The bags are the perfect accessory for any memory-making wanderer.

What other exciting things do you have planned for Kip & Co this year?

There is always so much on our to-do list!! We’ve got a bunch of exciting product ideas in development and we are planning a dream photo shoot overseas.

KipCoAW16 15123

Are there any cool collaboration in the pipeline?

Yes! With an iconic Australian. We can’t say anymore yet but cross your fingers and toes!!

Where do you like to shop? Favourite shops?

We love markets some of our favourites are the Mill Market in Geelong (where Kate and Hayley live), and the second hand furniture stores on Hunter Street in Newcastle (where Alex’s sister lives).

For clothes we love an eclectic mix, we recently picked up an amazing full length cardigan with lurex detail from French label Maje.

What are some of the other brands that you are loving at the moment?

So many!! Good staples for homewares that we love are Jardan and Modern Times.

KipCoAW16 15512

Who are you following on Instagram?

Many many! It is addictive. Love Spanish eclectic designer @mirndaskoczek and stylist @captainandthegypsykid

What do you think about this year’s selection of Pantone colour of the year? Are they boring?

Not at all! We love the rose one particularly. Its about what you do with colour – What do you pair that with? What design element will it become? What texture will you use? The colour is just the beginning.

Make sure you check out the Kip & Co. new AW16 STARDUST collection at the upcoming Tinitrader pop-up stall.