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Kip & Co

May 09, 2014

Putting quirky into the kids’ kip

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Whereas once upon a time bed linen was a practical, sensible home item, it is now – thankfully – an opportunity to take a bedroom from fine to fabulous.

One Australian brand leading that charge is Kip & Co, a fresh young company started in 2012 by Alex, Kate and Hayley, and they give kids bedding a bright and colourful shake-up.

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Kip & Co is like summer spread onto a bed; like a party packed into pillows; like giggles and laughter wrapped up in linen, and we just love it.

Where else could you expect pizza inspired quilts, or fitted sheets with scribbles galore, or prints with names (and bold colours) like Candystripes, Croc Winter and Checkerboard?

Kip & Co delivers originality by the truckload, and their happy-go-lucky designs and colours are positively perfect for any child’s bedroom. This is a label that puts some cheekiness and cheerfulness into bedtime.

So what’s on offer? 100 per cent cotton quilt covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow cases, cushions and blankies.

And we love an Australian business that looks after the kids as well as mum and dad. Kip & Co certainly do that, with an adults range that’s every bit as fun and fantastic as its junior offering.

Might Kip & Co be the excuse we’ve needed to give every bedroom in the house a quick and terrifically quirky refresh…? We don’t need to sleep on that idea!

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