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Kneepal, the ultimate bath time solution!

February 19, 2015
Kneepal, the ultimate bath time solution!

We found it! The ultimate knee saver for parents at bath time

Tinitrader are always on the lookout for making bath time fun for both parents and children especially with bath time being an invaluable bonding experience.

Any parent knows how agonising and uncomfortable bath time can be. Kneeling on cold hard tiles or wet towels and the accompanying back pain is the sacrifice many of us make to make sure babies and young children are safe, and washed when in a bathtub.

This is where Kneepal comes in. The Kneepal , is a simple clever knee-saving pad which will save both your knees and back. The Kneepad allows you to kneel for longer making bath time more pleasurable for both parent and baby.

This unique and highly sought after product was initially conceived by the founder, Ingrid Conroy, who through enduring countless uncomfortable hours bathing her grandchildren, happened upon the idea to alter the ergonomics of kneeling forever! Together with her husband and daughter, and their drive for the perfect fit, the product took the trio three factories and four years before it was eventually to their satisfaction and ready for everyone to enjoy!

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The Kneepal was launched at the 2012 Mama Magic baby show in South Africa and received the Silver Award for Product Innovation. Since then, its soaring sales have reinforced the judge’s view that the Kneepal is a very special product.

The Kneepal is soft and cushioned, and its moulded design ensures that knees are cradled and supported. All weatherproof so it’s easy to use and also really handy for other kneeling situations around the house and in the garden. The kneelpal is use beyond the baby bathing years.

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The perfect baby shower gift. Kneepal offers giftwrapping with a personal message for your lucky friend. The Kneepal comes in fashionable colours, and only cost as little as $34.95

The Kneepal will help you play longer with your soon to arrive bundle of joy!

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