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Kollab | Gorgeous Bags & Totes for any Occasion

March 09, 2016
Kollab | Gorgeous Bags & Totes for any Occasion

Kollab is an Australian lifestyle and homewares brand dedicated to providing the perfect “go to” bag or tote that will help bring a bit of glamour to the everyday.

Unable to find a bag that was stylish yet big enough to fit everything and anything they may need while out and about with their families, friends Hayley and Jessica decided to develop a range that combines fashion and practicality at an affordable price.

Designed to handle the everyday, Kollab’s fun and fashionable range includes insulated cooler bags, water resistant carry bags as well as a bright and unique collection of kitchen accessories, which includes placemats and napkins.

As the name may suggest, Kollab loves to team up with other local talented artists, both established and up and coming, to create beautiful, unique collections that will keep you organised and on-trend no matter what the occasion.

We chatted with Hayley and found out a bit more about her gorgeous range of bags, totes and homewares that help bring fashion to the home.

kollab 1

What inspired you to start Kollab?

Originally it was my girlfriend and I, we both have three kids each. We’d seen so many people with Ikea bags on the beach, so many parents using it as an everyday bag and we thought we can do this better. So it sort of just evolved from there.

How would you describe your brand?

Kollab, for me, is about being fashionable but being practical and affordable as well. I think a lot of practical items aren’t necessarily glamourous so its about making everyday a little more fashionable.

Where did the name Kollab come from?

I came up with Kollab because me and my husband have a fashion business, we have a fashion agency which we have had for 15 years and collaborations in general have become more and more popular. The sound of the name and the word Kollab sounded nice and beautiful and it was on trend and we thought let’s just use the word itself. We changed it to a K, as we thought it looked better.

kollab 2

Where do you seek inspiration?

I try to bring fashion into the home, not necessarily offer what’s fashionable in-home. Because we have the fashion business, we look at the trends coming through in clothing and want to bring them into the home. In our first collection we did a camouflage print bag which was probably unusual for homewares and lifestyle stores but it was very prominent in fashion at the time. So that’s where a lot of the ideas will come from first

What separates you from other brands?

I think it’s that fashion element. We try and stay on par or maybe sit a little bit above other likeminded brands as far as pricing but we try and keep the quality up a little bit as well and then offer the fashionable trends in those practical items.

You’ve said you love to “Kollab”orate with other Australian artists. Any exciting collaborations coming up?

I showed the “Munster” lunchbox at the Tinitrader pop-up stall, so that’s something new we are doing. We are focusing in particular on the children’s market. In the past the brand as a whole hasn’t really been directed towards children, although we do sell a lot of lunch boxes to kids. So there is two new prints with Munster. I am also in the process of finalising the summer range so I am talking to a Queensland artist at the moment so I am hoping that is all going to be finalised in the next couple of weeks. I’ve only ever really worked with Australian artists and I think that’s a good thing because we should all support local. And they have all been women as well, which has not been my intent but it has also been a good thing I think.

kollab 3

Away from Kollab who are you? Tell us a bit about your family, hobbies, etc.

We live down the coast my husband and I. We like to work together, we’ve worked together for 15 years. We are a beach family, we like going to coastal locations. We like to keep fit and healthy. We have three girls, twins who have just started prep so we are juggling a lot. We just like spending time together and doing beach things really.

What exciting things have you got planned for this year and beyond?

Last year I went to China and did a big trade show over there so I have looked at quite a few different products to introduce to the range. The plan for summer will be to bring in a drink bottle to sit beside a lot of the bags and lunchboxes. We are also looking at a hot water bottle too, but first just your standard type of water bottle to compliment the prints that we’ll offer. I’ve also looked at other products that I haven’t gone ahead with as yet but might work in conjunction going forward with the brand as well.

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