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Laura Blythman | Meet the Artist

Laura Blythman | Meet the Artist

Laura Blythman's unique and vibrant artwork never fails to leave us full of joy, with her art's trademark bright colours and quirky patterns lighting up every room

Melbourne artist and designer Laura Blythman is famous for her energetic artwork that has eared her a large legion of fans, Tinitrader being a very big one ourselves!

Laura's use of colour and paper collage is truly unique with the end result being fantastic prints that strike the perfect balance of quirk and beauty.

We were thrilled to be able to learn more about Laura's work, family and inspirations.

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What motivated you to launch your own company?

I've been designing, illustrating, and creating product in some form or another since leaving university with a BA in Graphic Design 12 years ago. Over the first seven or so years I worked as an in house designer for some major companies and dabbled in freelance design as well as always creating my own art.

After I had my kiddo, Alexander 5 years ago, I have focused solely on creating my own art and products as well as collaborating with some ace brands and also doing the occasional freelance design work.

Honestly, it’s just evolved naturally, with a lot of long hours and hard work. But luckily, one thing has led to another and I'm in a pretty happy place career wise and creatively. I am creating artwork that is mine, that is a reflection of me.

It's awesome.

What inspired you to start the business?

It's funny, I don't really call it a 'business' It's just me doing what I do. Creating. Sharing it with people. And hopefully having some success at it!

I love what I do. I see so much potential and possibilities in every collage or artwork I make.

What does ‘Laura Blythman’ the label stand for/ represent?

My art and products stand for happiness. It’s a therapeutic process for me creating my original collages and then hopefully sharing some happiness with others.

Hearing that my work has brightened someone’s day is the best feeling ever. My work is inspired by vibrant colour, texture, paper, my crazy colourful dreams, childhood memories and of course, nature - real and imagined.

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Have you always been ‘a creative when growing up?

Totally! I was always the drawing child in my big family. As a kid I remember I'd spend hours drawing intricate floorplans of my dream homes. As a teen I would spend hours drawing detailed illustrations of my grunge music crushes, Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain. Always evolving! Ha!

What does your daily routine look like?

Chaotic and never the same. I am a single mum, and despite what people can often think, I am a ONE lady show in terms of my business. It is FULL ON!

So my days start with school Alexander wrangling and then drop off before I head straight home to my 'studio' (master bedroom) and get stuck into the day’s to-do list. A jumble of emails, product development, commissioned work, working on collaborations, order packing, artwork making, planning, market preparations.

It's manic and scary sometimes. But I wouldn't ever want to do anything else. BUT it will be amazing to one day maybe have an employee! Imagine!

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As a mother, how do you manage the juggle your art and family?

Alexander is my favourite human. We are so close. Best buddies. He's also at an awesome age where he is starting to understand what I do and loves hearing about it all.

The juggle with my work is hard. But I think I do a pretty good job. I only work when he is at school or late at night AND when he stays at his dad's every couple of weeks for a few days.

When I have to travel for work and markets, it gets a bit tricky, but he's so good at having sleepovers and I have a great family and some ace friends who are always willing to help out.

Does each of your collections have a ‘story’ or do you just…create?

Yes, I generally tie collections of artwork together with a colour palette. But I mostly just create. I sketch ideas, paint paper, cut and assemble and see what happens!

Does a creative mind ever switch off?


Well very rarely. I can switch off pretty amazingly when reading a book while sun baking on a holiday. But this is the rarest of occasions.

Do your colours, illustrations and design reflect your personality- upbeat, bright and striking?

Yes, I suppose they do reflect my personality, well the happiest parts anyway! In all honesty, like so many people, I have a super messy head and I have battles with my depression and anxiety... My art is my happy place, it's such a satisfying and therapeutic process for me.

You can now shop Laura Blythman 24/7 on Tinitrader and in person at Tinitrader's Melbourne Pop Up Market this August.

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