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How to Gently Flavour Milk with Sipahh

March 17, 2016
How to Gently Flavour Milk with Sipahh

Adrienne Biscontin of the Stylish Bump reviews the new Sipahh Fruit Smoothie Flavour Crate - a way to flavour milk without overdosing on sugar.

Never before have children’s dietary habits been more under the spotlight. Gluten free, sucrose free, fructose intolerant, lactose intolerant, IQS, wheat free... there are so many dietary restrictions and health concerns around these days when it comes to kids.

Sugar seems to be the hot topic at the moment.

With so much information out there, it’s easy to get confused. How much sugar is too much, and what TYPES of sugar should we be concerned about?

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For decades kids have been flavouring their milk with powders and flavours to make it taste more delicious. I remember coming home from school back in the ‘80s and filling up my milk glass with loads of chocolate powder and eating it with a spoon! Probably loaded with sugar!

But with kids consuming more and more sugar from all types of foods, parents are understandably wary when it comes to milk flavours – which ones are best? Are they nutritious at all? Or, just full of sugar? It’s so hard to know, but at the same time, we still WANT our kids to drink milk.

Introducing: Sipahh!

Invented by a milk-drinking Aussie Dad of four, Peter was frustrated with the artificial flavours and colourings that were in flavoured milk powders and drinks on the market. Seeing Peter loved milk himself, and encouraged his own children to drink more milk for strong teeth and bones, he invented the Sipahh flavoured straws.

Sipahh are straws in lots of delicious flavours, you simply put into your glass of milk for a delicious and nutritious drink, without artificial flavour and less than half a teaspoon of added sugar per straw.

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The clever design of Sipahh straws means the portions are controlled, allowing you to watch your child’s sugar intake and it won’t spoil their appetite. And the clear straw easily shows the difference between added sugar and naturally occurring milk sugars.

Each Sipahh straw has been coated in tiny flavoured tapioca beads, which blend with milk as the child drinks through the straw, giving it the same taste sensation as flavoured milk. Clever!

Sipahh milk flavouring straws are designed to get kids drinking more milk – an important source of dairy – without overloading them with sugar or preservatives. And even better, they work just as well in Low-Fat milk, Organic milk, Soy milk, Almond milk, Coconut milk, Rice milk, or any other non-dairy milk alternative – meaning that kids with intolerances or allergies won’t miss out.

Containing less than half a teaspoon of added sugar per straw, the delicious flavours in the Fruit Smoothie Flavour Crate include Mango Smoothie, Raspberry Fields, Velvet Vanilla, Luscious Strawberry, Tropical Splash and Mellow Yellow Banana Smoothie that kids will love. They taste just like a delicious fruit smoothie!

sipahh girls drink

There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They’re easy to grab from the cupboard, make the perfect after-school or between meals snack and there’s no more messy powder all over the kitchen bench!

Easier and quicker to make than a smoothie, but just as delicious, the Sipahh Fruit Smoothie Flavour Crate is a yummy variety of summer fruit tastes, including the flavour of fresh, tart raspberries ripened on the vine; and lovely sweet strawberries picked at just the right time. For fruit smoothie lovers, there's nothing better than the season's best bounty whizzed into a creamy cold and nutritious drink. Mellow banana and tropical splash, velvet vanilla and everybody's favourite – mango.

They’re such an easy, tasty and novel way to enjoy milk, I think we’ve found our new favourite snack!

Raspberry Fields

Like the finest raspberries from the first English early-summer harvest, our Raspberry Fields Sipahh straw is tangy and bursting with sweet surprise all at once. Its bright raspberry flow wrap speaks of the true raspberry flavour within. With notes of crisp freshness and evoking lush field raspberries from your favourite market stall, Raspberry Fields is a most welcome addition to the Sipahh range.

Luscious Strawberry

The first sip of a Luscious Strawberry Sipahh evokes the milk bar of yesteryear with a pastel drink that's creamy and subtly sweet (ask mum or dad about the milk bar of yesteryear if you don't remember them!). A familiar staple in every Australian childhood, Luscious Strawberry is an old fashioned favourite.

Mango Smoothie

Is this the real summer fruit and milk in a blender? The person who made the first mango smoothie was a genius. An Australian staple, our Mango Smoothie straw is all balmy breeze, beach towels and cricket in the background ... It's simply summer in a straw!

Tropical Splash

Pine lime, cream, piercing summer sun and vivid orange sunrise, Tropical Splash takes you on a tropical getaway with every sip. For the person always dreaming of the next island holiday, this is your escape in a low-sugar straw.

Mellow Yellow Banana Smoothie

Mellow and yellow, our Banana Smoothie straw is a low-sugar version of the old fashioned banana milkshake. If people compliment you on your classic taste, your reliability and your timeless good looks, this straw is the one for you.

Velvet Vanilla

Aromatic, smooth and – of course – ultra creamy, Velvet Vanilla is a mild milky flavour for your favourite milky drink. With notes of the finest French varieties, our Velvet Vanilla straw is reminiscent of a simple vanilla sundae with a delicious wafer on top.

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