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Help Your Child Learn The Time With EasyRead Time Teacher 

January 19, 2016
Help Your Child Learn The Time With EasyRead Time Teacher

Learning to tell the time on an analogue clock can be hard, and it is a task that can be just as daunting for parents as it is children. That was the case for Roger Shackleton anyway. After struggling to teach his own children how to tell the time using an analogue clock, he decided there had to be an easier way. And from there, the Easy Read Time Teacher was born.

The Easy Read Time Teacher, is a family business dedicated to helping children and adults overcome the problems encountered when learning to tell the time on analogue clocks. It is the simplest and most effective time teaching system for children. Regardless whether you are a teacher or a parent this is the perfect clock for teaching little ones how to tell the time.


Roger, a winner of the Australian Design Award, first started his company in 2011 in Sydney. Frustrated at the difficulties he faced trying to teach his own children to tell the time he designed the ‘EasyRead Dial’ and the ‘Three Step Teaching System’.

He was joined in 2012 by his sister Sue who helped expand the company throughout Europe and the UK. Today, Richard and Sue boast over 30,000 customers worldwide with their clocks now teaching kids the time in Europe, Australasia and North America.

The secret to the EasyRead time teaching wall clock is in the layout and design of the face and hands of the clock.

First, the child reads the number at the end of the big hand. Then, they say which side of the clock it's pointing to- minutes to or minutes past. They then read the number at the end of the big hand.

This three step system is complemented by large, simple numbers and a clean layout. The EasyRead time teacher is not revolutionary, but its simplicity at its best, which is what makes it such an effective time teacher for children.

The EasyRead Time Teacher comes as both a wall clock and wrist watch and are suitable for children aged 5-12. The wall clock is brightly coloured with a silent ticking, making is the perfect addition to any bedroom or classroom. The wrist watch is waterproof and has a removable band, allowing it to be washed when necessary.

With its worldwide success and an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, there is little doubt that the EasyRead Time Teacher really is the most effective tool on the market when it comes to teaching kids how to tell the time. And, with Christmas just around the corner, it also makes the perfect addition to your child’s Christmas stocking.

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