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Lego, a 4 Letter Word

December 23, 2014
Lego, a 4 Letter Word

LEGO is a four letter word. I repeat, LEGO is a four letter word.

With Christmas just days away, I took my children to visit Santa for the annual photo moment.

It’s a trip that comes with some trepidation particularly the ear straining moment to hear what my 7 year old, Will’s toy request was to be.

Santa: What would you like for Christmas, Will?

There’s silence while Will looks to the sky, as if he doesn’t know what he’d like.

And then, predictably, he dropped the four letter word.

I yell from the reindeer end of Santa’s set up. Noooooooooooo! Flashbacks ensue while the surrounding parents sigh in sympathy.The word isn’t on the naughty list, nor does it put you there, but it does strike fear into the hearts of parents who like to walk around home in bare feet…the word is LEGO.

You may think LEGO is harmless brick making fun but think about the last time you stood, and I mean properly stood, on a LEGO brick.

The sympathies directed to me at Santa’s cave has nothing to do with Will and everything to do with my well being as I face the impending threat of LEGO Foot Injury (LFI) these Holidays.

Think I’m making a big deal out of nothing? Here are some Brick facts:

Fact 1 - LFI is more likely to strike Humans down at night, under the cover of dark-ness.

Fact 2 - The soles of your feet are in fact the most sensitive area of your body. Just ask a “Master of pain measurement”, your local tattooist. Such is the pain many Tattooists will ink the soles of feet for free. (Now compare the surface area of a needle to that of a 4x2 LEGO brick and…LEGO wins)

Fact 3 - Standing on sharp objects jolts the brain and releases massive amounts of adrenaline, leaving the victim not only in pain but shaken. That’s because nerves in your feet have a lightning speed, super highway to the brain so we can maintain our balance. That all adds up to a sharper more intense experience.

Fact 4 - One standard Lego brick can support 432kgs before it begins to yield its shape. So unless you are the heaviest person on Earth, LEGO is always going to win.

So how do you avoid LFI these holidays?

Let’s face it, threatening to throw out any piece “not packed up” doesn’t avoid the real LFI issue and let’s face it LEGO isn’t cheap so it could cost you much more than a sore foot to see it out.

Research suggests that clever storage ideas combined with bribes of Ice cream is the most effective antidote for avoiding LFI in Adults.

Feel free to choose the type of ice cream. Here’s five stylish storage solutions to help win the LEGO land mines war.

1) Toy box - The classic Toy box is making a massive comeback with stylish designs and well engineered hinges to cope with the rigours of the job. An ideal solution for all LEGO enthusiasts who can access the bricks inside and then use the lid of the box as the work bench, significantly reducing the LFI zone.

2) Toy store shelving- Designers at Oeuf have definitely had LFI in their minds when designing their latest shop type shelving solution for kids. The tubs are removable meaning they can be taken directly to the danger zone for immediate tidy up and placed easily out of the way back on the shelf ready for next time.

3) Dressers - Often overlooked as a Toy storage solution but with a wide range of stylish third party tubs, designer dressers are back in the game. A dresser allows you to keep your house styled and the toys hidden away. It’s perfect for open plan and smaller shared living spaces.

4) Bookcases- These aren’t your ordinary book cases, much like dressers they come with stylish woven baskets, boxes or even doors to keep the toys, and LEGO, all in the one spot. Check out the offerings from Parenthood and Lilly and Lolly for some great options.

5) Ottoman - Often the problem is LEGO is left behind because your child becomes distracted or moves onto something new. The Ollie Ella “In it” Ottoman is the perfect on hand storage spot. With this stylish piece of furniture your kids can be packing up while still watching television and visitors will never know where you have hidden the mess.

And just in case you’re still toying with the idea of taking your chances this peak LFI season, consider this-

Every year there are 45.7 Billion LEGO bricks produced, that’s 83 LEGO bricks for eve-ry human on Earth. We know the distribution is heavily weighted to western socie-ties, that means if you’re reading this from Australia or the USA, your odds of avoid-ing LFI just shortened further.

Don’t suffer the cruel, painful humiliation of being brought down by a tiny plastic brick. Protect yourself - Pre-empt the strike - Stock up on storage.

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