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Getting to Know Lil' Creatures 

October 13, 2015
Getting to Know Lil' Creatures

The Tinitrader team were thrilled to come accross Lil’ Creatures and their adorable baby costumes for bubs up to 2 years old.

What started with a Redback spider Halloween costume for her first born, has eventuated into what we now know as Lil’ Creatures. The Lil Creatures collection ranges from koalas and bunnies to reindeer and wombats. You haven’t seen cute until you’ve seen the Lil’ Creatures costumes!


Carly is the creative genius behind Lil’ Creatures and it’s obvious through the range available the talent, passion and enjoyment that exists behind Carly and her creations. These costumes will bring fun to any occasion and brighten anyone’s mood! We were lucky enough to chat further with Carly and find out more about her business.

Tell us a little but about your story and how Lil' Creatures started

My background is in children’s fashion and textile design, but it was while on maternity leave with my first son that I had some time to create some fun just for him.

After a great response to his Lil’ Creature costumes and some requests from friends I thought “why not list them on Etsy and see what happens!” my first sale was 17 minutes later and that was that. That was 4 years ago and there has been many changes since then but the original designs are still the same as the first.

Lil’ Creatures is such a fun brand! Where do you get your inspiration?

It started with a Redback Spider for Halloween which was so much fun that when Christmas rolled around I was back at the sewing machine to create something unique for his first Santa photo, the Red-nosed Reindeer; then came Easter and a Bunny, a “Penguin Suit” for my sister’s wedding… After that it was whatever took my fancy and what colours I could find in the terry onesies, though I often dyed them too.

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Can you give us a little insight into your creative process?

The first Lil’ Creatures were all for events in my son’s life: Christmas, Weddings, Easter… more recently I have followed requests too, like with the Fox – I had so many requests for custom orders on the Lil’ Fox I thought I couldn’t not add it to the range. The Koala has been so positively received from the start and I had lots of feedback about adding more Australiana as there is a gap in the market so that’s where the Cockatoo and Wombat began.

Once I have an idea, it is a very hands on crafty process. I like to still handmake them first so I can play with all the proportions for the faces and tails until I feel it is just right, only then working out the patterns, measurements and putting it all on paper. I don’t think I could get this done on paper or a computer alone and it is nice to get back on the sewing machine – just not for hours every day anymore!

Tell us a bit about your family.

When Lil’ Creatures began, life was very different to now. We were settled in Melbourne where our first son Hugo was born; now we are living in beautiful beachy Newcastle, NSW, where we welcomed our second son, Tatum, and sadly farewelled our marriage.

Single parenthood has certainly pushed me to my limits (and past at times) especially with such young children and while in such a start-up phase with my Lil’ Creatures, but we are going from strength to strength with each new challenge and feeling happier and stronger along the way.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I’m sorry, can you repeat the question? Hehe, spare time isn’t something I find much of these days, but when we do, it is usually off to Blackbutt nature reserve or one of the local parks or beaches with the kids. I love to catch up with friends and family for dinner or a barbeque, or going out for a yummy brunch - Newcastle has so many great new cafes and restaurants on offer we’re spoiled for choice.

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What’s your guilty pleasure?

A hot up of tea and reading a book in bed completely undisturbed for a lazy Saturday morning – it’s a dream and almost as magical as unicorns, but on very rare occasions it actually comes true!

What are the most important lessons you have learned from your kids?

I would love to say patience but with a 2 and 5 year old boys, I’m still working on that! It’s probably to not sweat the small stuff so much – I used to get caught up in what people thought of me, my house, my bum! And about things being perfect and handling everything. My kids have shown me that those things don’t matter so much, that it’s better sometimes to make a mess playing and having fun even when you know you won’t have it all tidied up, or your hair done before the guests arrive or going out.

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