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Brands we Love - Lil' Lendrop

June 25, 2015
Brands we Love - Lil' Lendrop

The Tinitrader team love coming across unique and gorgeous brands from around Australia. Lil’ Lendrop is one of these and will certainly be a brand you won’t be forgetting any time soon!

With an extensive background in fashion, including 10 years working in the London fashion scene, Maria has brought her knowledge, style and passion to life through her fantastic brand, Lil’ Lendrop.

The Lil’ Lendrop collection features edgy looks that definitely can’t be found in mainstream shops. The combination of funky prints, sharp designs and beautiful colours gives the collection that stand out edge.

We were lucky enough to learn more about Maria’s story including her inspirations and how Lil’ Lendrop came about.

We absolutely love the Lil’ Lendrop brand and range. What made you decide to start Lil’ Lendrop?

I have been working with women’s wear for years and always wanted to do my own range. After having my first daughter I often found myself making or buying boys clothes, just to steer clear of the usual frilly pink stuff that is everywhere.

I thought there was a big gap in the market for more subtle and minimalistic kids clothes and so, I decided to give it a go!

6 25 2015 11 25 47 AM

Where does the Lil’ Lendrop magic happen?

As I still also work as a freelance patternmaker, I have a studio set up at home from where I deign and work.

We love everything from the Lil’ Lendrop range, particularly the new winter looks. Can you give us a little insight in to your creative process?

I always start with a main inspiration and see where it takes me. I absolutely love the journey; from the very first piece, each nurtures the next, through to where I end up with the collection coming together.

We can definitely see this when looking through the Lil’ Lendrop look book. We especially love the Scandinavian influence. Are there any other sources of inspiration you fall on?

I get my inspiration from just about anything. However, the Scandinavian feel always comes through somehow. It’s in my roots!

6 25 2015 11 29 30 AM

What is your favourite piece from Lil’ Lendrop’s collection this season?

I think that might be the scuba hoodie with the cherry blossom print.


As we’ve touched on, you have an extensive and impressive background in fashion and the fashion industry. What has been the biggest highlight through your time working within the fashion industry?

Having a dress I made showing at the Wool Modern Exhibition (a renowned global design exhibition) was pretty amazing. There’s also a part of me that loves seeing people almost every day that are wearing something I made, whether on TV, in a magazine, at their wedding or just walking down the street.

Seeing the little ones in Lil’Lendrop also makes me incredibly happy and proud.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I met my husband In London where we both lived for quite a while. After having our first daughter, we decided to move to Australia. We now have 2 beautiful girls, Leah 5 years and Jamie 11 months.

6 25 2015 11 33 31 AM

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Going down to play on the beach has got to be our favourite thing to do. There’s something about being there that instantly relaxes you. Summer time’s great but we spend just as much time there in winter as well. There’s always lots to do with the kids and it’s the simple things you do that are so magical.

Otherwise spending a lazy Sunday playing in the kid’s room is pretty special too!

As we know, you grew up in Denmark. What have you loved most about moving to Australia?

It has to be the weather and the lifestyle that comes with it. I love being able to spend so much time outside, even in winter. It’s feeling the warm sunshine that instantly makes you happy.

6 25 2015 11 36 49 AM

What is one tip you would give parents when styling their children’s wardrobe?

Have a handful of pieces that are simple, well made and stylish, as they will go with most things. Makes it harder for dads and kids to get it wrong when they do the dressing ;-).

Although it may be hard to think of now winter is well and truly here, we are sure you’re working away at your spring/summer ranges! Can you give us any hints as to what will be trending?

Light denim and broderie anglaise. A bit like a romantic wild west.

You can shop the entire Lil’ Lendrop collection on Tinitrader

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