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Little Liberty Style Series | Cooper

February 01, 2017
Little Liberty Style Series | Cooper

If ever there were a kid’s bedroom designed for play dates and sleepovers, this would be it!

This amazing room was designed by Melbourne based kids interior specialist Nicole Rosenberg from Little Liberty for one of her clients.

Gone are the days of blowing up the inflatable mattress or pulling out the squeaky old trundle bed, now Cooper can have his friend’s sleepover whenever he likes with the stylish and practical House of Orange ‘Frankie’ bunk bed. As well as providing a place for friends to stay, the ‘Frankie’ bunk bed also offers additional storage which is easily accessible for eight year old Cooper. We also love the Mister Bandit personalised star cushion on the bed!

Perfect for active young boys, Cooper’s bedroom provides plenty of space to play. The super soft wool blend Harper Rug from The Rug Collection is nice and plush for Cooper to play with toys on. The gorgeous dark grey Agnes Avenue bean bag is moveable so can be positioned out of the way if needed, or brought into the centre of the room for a comfortable place to sit while reading or relaxing.

Ubabub’s Booksee Shelf allows Cooper to store his favourite picture books neatly away whilst displaying their beautiful covers in a decorative way, adding a pop of colour into what is an otherwise fairly neutrally themed space. Positioned right next to his bed, Cooper can clearly see and reach his favourite titles, encouraging reading and acting as an ever-changing wall feature.

In a room filled with shades of greys and blues, its hard to miss the gorgeous green pot plant (greenery is a huge trend this year, named as Pantone’s colour of the year) and the large Clocksicle clock. Timeless and sophisticated, this beautiful clock is one Cooper will have for years to come, easily styled into any room in the house and, with clear numbering and a dot for every minute it makes telling the time with an analogue clock a breeze for young Cooper!

The perfect children’s space for fun, games and imagination, we know Cooper will love showing off his beautifully styled bedroom to all his friends.

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All images owned by Tinitrader. Mackenzie's bedroom created by Little Liberty with Tinitrader