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Little Liberty Style Series | Mackenzie

January 25, 2017
Little Liberty Style Series | Mackenzie

If you were to imagine what a four year old girls dream bedroom might look like, you would probably picture something a little like this! Fresh, fun and absolutely gorgeous, Mackenzie’s incredible bedroom is filled with everything a little girl could want and more!

This amazing room was designed by Melbourne based kids interior specialist Nicole Rosenberg from Little Liberty for one of her clients.

The star of this whimsically inspired space has to be the amazing, four-poster bed available from Tip You're it! As most parents would know, getting a young child to bed (and getting them to stay there) can be a challenge! So, if your little lady feels like a real-life princess, it might just make the whole process that little bit easier! Likewise, the subtle yet creative Natty & Polly cloud wallpaper used as a feature wall behind the bed creates a calming atmosphere encouraging the sweetest of dreams for young Mackenzie.

In keeping with the whimsical theme of this gorgeous space, fairy wings have been placed on the back of the chair adding a touch of magic and fun. Her very own dresser will also make Mackenzie feel extra grown up in her big girl room and is something she can keep for years to come.

Adding a touch of glam to the room is a metallic heart cushion from Suella. Although perfectly complimenting the design of this room, metallic silver works with just about any colour palette and can easily be worked into more sophisticated spaces while still looking every bit as stylish!

It is the little details that make this space so special. The lavender on the bedside table, Mackenzie’s favourite picture books beautifully displayed on the wall, the gorgeous pink lamp shade and the Agnes Avenue Bean Bag with a fun pink tassle all help to make the space unique to Mackenzie and truly breathtaking to look at.

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All images owned by Tinitrader. Mackenzie's bedroom created by Little Liberty with Tinitrader