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Live Loud Girl's Tips For Creating The Perfect Playroom

April 04, 2017
Live Loud Girl's Tips For Creating The Perfect Playroom

We were very lucky to have Live Loud Girl share their tips for creating stylish and fun playrooms perfect for inspiring imaginative play.

Live Loud Girl is a creative team with the focus on interior styling, lifestyle, photography and concept creation.

They offer an online platform for exposure and believe in the strength of combining different brands, products and players with the Live Loud Girl blog and @liveloudgirl Instagram which acts as a visual journal.

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Their motto is: We do what we love to inspire, create and differentiate because life is short so Live Loud - why not?

Linda started Live Loud Girl in 2014 with a notebook, a name and by sharing her interior inspiration on a blog. Where her focus back then was mainly on kids rooms, she and her team now take of styling entire homes.

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Live Loud Girl's Tips For Creating The Perfect Playroom:

With a kids room, you always have to keep in mind that they will grow up. So go for a style that they can grow into instead of out-of. Storage is one of the key elements in a playroom for us. Besides it being a great way to prevent all the toys of being on display, it is nice to play around with different styles. Combining baskets with crates and bags with cabinets can create a playful effect which we love.

Any room in your house should tell the story about your life so we always love combining elements that we have gathered along the way. Vintage furniture and accessories give the room some soul.

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If you want to give a room a fresh look, painting a wall is a great option. It is easy to do and easy to change. Wallpaper also gives a great effect as there are so many amazing designs out there.

If your house does not have a separate playroom, don’t worry. It is so easy to create a nice play corner in the living room with a cool and cozy rug and some funky kids furniture and storage.

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Get The Look:

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All images supplied by the Live Loud Girl team