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Introducing, the Living Wall

July 20, 2015
Introducing, the Living Wall

Tinitrader is always on the lookout for great new brands in the kids and baby space. That’s where The Living Wall and their collection of gorgeous wall stickers and decals comes in.

The Living Wall stickers have to be seen to be believed. Ignacio has incredible talent. As a Visual designer having lived across the globe, his passion and experience is clearly evident within his work. The Living Wall products have the ability to truly transform an ordinary space in a fantastic creation. We were extremely excited to find out more about Ignacio and what happens behind the scenes.

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Ignacio, I am Spanish, from San Sebastian. I studied at the European Design Institute in Milan and lived in Italy for many years after I had finished. My wife is Australian and we met in Italy. Last year we decided to move to Australia and now live in Wollongong- we love it here. I am a Visual designer and Illustrator and have worked in various fields but predominantly in fashion and decoration. I’ve always had a passion for drawing, which has grown alongside my interest in quality comics, graphic novels and illustration in general.

We love the great range of designs and how easy it is to transform a room with The Living Wall. What made you decide to start The Living Wall?

The Living Wall began with my desire to be free to draw what I want and to offer a line of personal designs to a customer. I also wanted to manage each and every aspect of my business myself; from the communication with the client, to the creative development to the actual production of the wall stickers.

Where does The Living Wall magic happen? Do you work from home/a studio?

I have a home studio, a choice that is becoming popular in creative industries. I really like working from home and as an added bonus our dog is also very happy with this choice!

Can you give us a little insight into your creative process? How do you decide what images and designs you will include in a range?

I pay careful attention to current trends in the fields of art, fashion and interior design; this helps me to decide which direction to take. Sometimes clients ask me to design something especially for them, so my shop also benefits greatly from my interaction with my clients.

What makes The Living Wall unique?

The Living Wall is unique due to sensibility of me as a visual designer, who loves his job and has experience in the fields of illustration, graphic design and fashion, this allows me to create a universe of ideas to transform blank walls.

What is your personal favourite wall sticker design?

Difficult question! The Chicks and Polka Dots is one that I like a lot, it is a classic but with a fresh modern twist, it has a design edge but is sweet at the same time.

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What is your number one tip for parents styling a child’s bedroom?

It depends on the child; it is important to create a space that reflects the child's inner world and which transmits positivity, happiness, poetry and warmth. Today there are many great blogs, magazines and websites that are full of ideas for children’s rooms. I recommend looking at many photos and getting a feel for the current trends and ideas, then you will naturally come across the idea/s you are looking for. Remember you can always reinterpret what you see in your own way, it is important to be yourself!

What do you get up to outside of The Living Wall?

I try to nurture my passion for drawing and creativity, I do a lot of drawings in pencil and also work with paper and wood. I enjoy designing murals that reflect my interest in comic books and street art. Now I am getting to know my new country and in particular beautiful Illawarra where my wife and I live. We enjoy discovering the many amazing places that this part of Australia has to offer; beaches, rainforests, mountains, and we love the great range of international food.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for The Living Wall! What can we expect to see in the future from The Living Wall?

I will continue to work with geometric forms that are on trend at the moment but I am also working on a series of baby animals...including some Australian critters!