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Mama's Home | Retailer Of The Week 

February 02, 2017
Mama's Home | Retailer Of The Week

Mama’s Home has long been known as one of the best kid’s stores around. Boasting all the best brands, an extensive selection of beautiful products and incredible customer service, there really is no other store quite like it.

But, after a horrible end to 2016, which saw the entire store covered in a cloud of concrete dust, owner and mother of two, Amanda decided to make the best of a pretty devastating situation, transforming the already amazing store into what can only be described as a magical children’s wonderland.

Having recently re-opened, Mama’s Home is now bigger and better than ever and we were lucky enough to have a chat with the amazing Amanda and find out all about her incredible new store.

Mama’s Home recently underwent an exciting renovation and it looks absolutely amazing! Tell us a bit about why you decided it was time for a change!

Well it wasn’t my doing as such… At the end of last year the centre were doing a renovation of bathrooms next to us and the next morning when we came in our entire store was covered in concrete dust. The contractors hadn’t taken any form of precautions for our store and the dust just got sucked in overnight. We lost all textiles, all baby clothes, maternity, ladies fashion, boys and girls. Plus all our linen and any material such as dolls and cushions. We literally lost half of our stock. So we went through a big process of working out what was sellable, what wasn’t sellable, cleaning the entire store and basically moving everything around. We thought this is a terrible end for 2016, if we are going to the extremes of doing everything that we are we should do a bit of a facelift and then we just kind of kept going with it! We moved the stairs and really went to town with new floors, new painting, new feature walls and all of that sort of thing. We tried to turn something that was horrendous and devastating into something that was positive and a clean, fresh start for 2017.


What can people expect from the new store? How has it changed?

It’s a lot more open plan - we knocked down walls, moved stairs and things like that. What I really like about it is its got this sense of wonder and magic, it’s just beautiful. Everyday when I walk in it makes me smile. The big main feature wall that I made is eight metres long and it just looks beautiful. It’s clean and fresh – a kid’s wonderland in a sense! The store now looks as good as the products! We stock really beautiful, quality products and while the store has always looked beautiful, it really does look extra beautiful now!

What is your favourite part of the new store?

Towards the back now we have created this whole nursery area with bedding, cots and all the baby clothes and baby toys - I definitely love that section of the store. I love the book nook area, it just looks lovely. But really I love it all! I’ve got this amazing party cart and a cubby house that we built and it’s just great fun!

books shelf

What do you look for when choosing products for your store?

I definitely look for quality. Mama’s Home is known for beautiful and high quality products - Not necessarily high priced products, but high quality. Our main items that we sell are about gift giving. If it is for someone’s first birthday or a birthday party, it has to fit that criteria in a sense. Something that is unique, it can be hand-made but not necessarily, really just something that is a beautiful item that works well in store and matches the story that I have going.

assistant and chidlren

What kids’ trends are you loving at the moment?

I always love the pastels. What seems to always work well for us in store is the fairies and the unicorns – they are both big. For boys, the nautical theme is always a good one that works really well for us. It’s something that is simple and classic and will last a really long time in a child’s room.

swan store

What are some of your favourite new products that you have seen coming through?

I love all the Incy Interiors furniture that we have in store, they are beautiful – the Spindle range. We’ve got some Divine Design money boxes which are gorgeous. We also have a really large range of fairies for little girls which I am always drawn to.

Who do you turn to for inspiration? Is there anyone you recommend we should be following on Instagram?

There are so many! One of our new suppliers we have on board, Bonne Mere, have a gorgeous bedding range and she always has beautiful photos that look amazing and are very inspirational. Really classic and beautiful. We have a new range of canopies called Freddie & Ava and she always has some beautiful lifestyle shots. That really classic and whimsical look – I find that really inspirational at the moment. I also really love pastels and floral so will be inspired when I see that sort of thing.

You’ve just had an amazing makeover, what’s next for Mamas Home?

I’d love our fashion to be in! Children, baby and maternity fashion is definitely where our focus is going to be. We are going to do a big massive grand re-opening with fashion parades for children, so that’s definitely our next big thing!

Located in Windsor, Queensland, Mama’s Home is not to missed! If you are nearby make sure you drop in and have a look at the incredible new store. If not, never fear! You can shop all the best Mama’s Home products online at Tinitrader.

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Photos were taken by Leanne Stamatellos @leannestamatellos