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Meet Guest Blogger Sally | Inside Four Lines

April 28, 2016
Meet Guest Blogger Sally | Inside Four Lines

Her adorable son Axel is one of our Tinitrader ambassadors, strutting his stuff in our recent Autumn fashion shoot, and now we are thrilled to have Sally Bernard joining the Tinitrader family, signing on as one of our guest bloggers.

The past year has been a crazy, yet amazing rollercoaster ride for Sally.

As well as joining forces with fashion forward children’s wear label, Sudo Kids, the bubbly mum of two has also used her ever growing social media network to collaborate on a number of interior design projects, with her work even being selected to feature in Home Beautiful Magazine.

With a new Instagram name, Inside Four Lines, and a number of exciting of projects in the works, life is as busy as ever, but we were lucky enough to squeeze in a quick chat with talented Sally and found out a little bit more about her crazy, creative life and her super cute two boys.

Tell us a bit about what you do and what your job involves?

It is very complicated (laughs) I do lots of things.

Originally I started as a children’s clothing label but that changed when I got asked to work for Sudo Kids, which is a children’s fashion label.

Via social media I have collaborated with a number of people to do a lot of interior styling.

I’ve done collaborations with a lot of interior décor products that people had sent me and that original collaboration got purchased to feature in Home Beautiful Magazine.

I have now started doing more collaboration projects, with more to be revealed in the next six months or so.

flat lay

What started as something for me, turned into a lot of different opportunities and then I have acted on those opportunities, taking them as they come and am just going with the flow.

My own clothing label has now dissolved, as I am now working with Sudo Kids on the fashion level and then I do the interior styling at home too.

I am also a Social Media Manager to several accounts. This involves completing tasks such as creating and rolling out content across their social platforms, designing graphics, flat lay photography, styling, organising events, networking & so much more!

How did you first get into styling?

It has always been something I have loved, a passion of mine. I found that all of the areas I work in, within fashion, within interior styling, they all tie in together, its all very arty.

So, it just sort of evolved from there for me. I’ve always had a passion for styling and then the publicity has just evolved from that original Home Beautiful feature.

In my earlier years, preceding children’s fashion, I worked as a junior to one of Melbourne’s leading interior designers.

Interior styling has always remained a strong passion of mine and I am so pleased that opportunities have now presented themselves so that I can continue to pursue it moving forward.

You recently jumped ship from working in children’s fashion to working as a freelance stylist, why the change?

I still work in children’s fashion, I just work with a different company now, so I do both.

I work in fashion with Sudo Kids, then because running my own business was just so much work I now have more time to focus on the interior styling which is what my Instagram has lead me to as my followers responded really well to that.

lifestyle shot

Where did the name Inside Four Lines come from?

That took a lot of thinking. Inside Four Lines is a combination of everything I do, within four lines of the square of Instagram, within four lines of a house or a room.

It sort of incorporates everything I do whether it be fashion, flat lays, design boards.

It took me a lot of thought, I jotted down or sort of different names for about 3 or 4 days and then I just jumped into bed one night and that popped into my head!

You obviously have a very keen eye for fashion and style, has your own personal style changed since becoming a mum?

Its much more comfortable and casual clothing. I’m not very good with colours and I now dress mostly for comfort, so stretchy jeans, leggings, comfy knits, just comfort and easy mobility.

No heels, flat heels, big handbag so I can chuck everything in!

Away from work, what does your life involve?

I have two boys, Chase who is 5 and Axel who is 2 so at the moment most of my work is done from home so everything fits around them.

My life basically revolves around them! We do school drop of, we don activities. We live at the beach so we go to the beach a lot, spend a lot of time outdoors, do bush walks and basically just keep the boys active really!

Your gorgeous two boys are both models, Axel is one of our ambassadors, where do they get there modelling skills from?

I definitely wasn’t a model! But for us all our opportunities have presented themselves from social media.

We started up on social media almost a year ago and all of the opportunities I have had have stemmed from there, it just blows my mind.

The boys were seen on my Instagram page and asked to join Giant Junior Agency, a modelling agency.

I guess we didn’t really know they could photograph well until we put them in our clothes and put them in front of the camera. And then they did well!

son togeth

I initially said to my photographer we can use my boys but we don’t have to, I obviously think they are beautiful as I am there mum, but if they don’t look beautiful to everyone else it doesn’t matter but she was keen to use them, and they both did really well.

We do a lot of photographs at home and I only do it for them if they enjoy it and they generally do.

We were very excited when Axel was asked to be a Tinitrader Ambassador. He adores having his photo taken.

DSC 6469

What are your favourite places to shop for your boys?

Sudo I loved even before I worked for them, which is why I went to work for them.

The head designer of Sudo, Terry, was helping me with my own clothing label and it just evolved that we then decided it would be better if I came and worked with their team.

Because they were one of my favourite labels it was definitely an easy decision… YES!

So I definitely love Sudo, I love Minti, Munster, Rock Your Baby. They would have to be my favourites and generally what my boys wear every day.

And for yourself?

I don’t get much time to shop for myself! Generally it’s just comfy jeans, today I’ve got Doctor Denim.

Then any tops from Seed, Witchery or Country Road. Anything easy which I can order online making it easier for me. That’s all I have time for at the moment.

And finally, the last year has been a big one for you, what amazing things do you have planned for this year?

It’s been crazy, it’s been like a big rollercoaster ride! But this year, we’ve got our big collaboration project that are hoping to appear in one of the big design magazines happening behind the scenes which is at our own home in Mornington.

We’ve involved some huge companies and also little companies to keep things new and fresh.

It has been a huge redecoration of our house to include all of these different companies and people in this collaboration project and that’s where you’ll see Inside Four Lines heading.

flat lay 2

At the moment it’s a bit of a mix, a little bit of styling here and there, but my plan is to be sharing our home and styling within our home with a variety of products.

Also then keeping a little bit of fashion as its what I enjoy as well. So basically the plan with Inside Four Lines is, its meant to be a lifestyle page for social media where people can draw inspiration and ideas and find products they may not already know about.


My plan was to one day do a blog and so when the Tinitrader opportunity came up I thought fantastic, this is the perfect fit, what a great opportunity!

I have been commissioned to design an exciting new children’s fashion concept store! It is top secret and in the works now but will be featured in a leading children’s design magazine once complete.

I’m very excited about this one, it is going to look amazing. Think high end fashion for kids!

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