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Meet Jamie Grayson | The Baby Guy NYC

May 23, 2016
Meet Jamie Grayson | The Baby Guy NYC

Meet Jamie Grayson. Gay, single and childless, he may not seem like your typical baby product expert, but Jamie, otherwise known as the Baby Guy, has become New York’s go-to man when it comes to all things baby.

It all started back in 2002 as a way to pay the bills.

Jamie, a struggling, out of work actor at the time, needed a job and BuyBuyBaby needed a product demonstrator. Despite some hesitations, Jamie took the job. After all, he had rent to pay and the job paid well.

It wasn’t long before Jamie became completely fascinated with the industry, immersing himself in baby blogs, journals, anything he could find, committed to providing parents with the best, most insightful knowledge possible.

in bassinet baby

In March of 2010, New York magazine named Jamie the city’s best baby-gear expert, an award that gave him the confidence to go out on his own, starting his business TheBabyGuyNYC.

Today, Jamie is in popular demand, with his work taking him all over the world.

“There was one point last year where I just had 3 suitcases lined up in my bedroom and all I did was come home, swap my toiletries bag, take another one and leave” he laughs.

Currently in Australia for the Pregnancy Babies & Children’s expo (PBC), Jamie will be chatting to parents and parents-to-be at the Love to Dream stand, promoting and demonstrating their gorgeous baby swaddles.

Speaking passionately about the brands innovative, easy to use range of products, Jamie admits there is a lot of misinformation surrounding how to swaddle your baby.

“A lot of people don’t understand that if you really bind the hips and legs, kids can’t move properly” he says.

“They need to be able to kick, they need to be able to flex their hips, this product allows for it. With the actual physical design of the Love To Dream products, their hips are free, their legs are free, but their arms are not bound, so they can self sooth”.

cot baby swaddl

Love To Dream’s revolutionary three-stage range of products to help babies and toddlers sleep better have swaddled thousand of babies all across Australia, with Jamie recommending the brand to all his friends and family.

“My family use it, all my friends have used this product and its one of the items within the baby category that you rarely hear this product did not work for me” he says.

“Anything that will help your baby sleep, and in turn help you sleep, its like go for it”.

grey love to dream

As well as promoting the innovative Love To Dream baby swaddle range, Jamie is also keen to share his extensive knowledge about the baby industry with Aussie Mums and Dads, identifying car seats, baby carriers and strollers as hot topics parents most commonly ask him about.

Speaking about strollers, Jamie admits that despite an emerging “cool factor” when it comes to prams it is still the functionality aspect that parents care most about.

“In America, Bugaboo has really lost a lot of the market because of Uppababy” he says.

“Uppababy came out, it was a lower price point and even though aesthetically it was fine, it held more weight, it did more things, it was $200-300 cheaper and it was a bit of an easier pill to swallow for people who didn’t want to blow $900USD on a stroller”.

uppababy strolling

Offering his top tips for choosing the perfect pram, Jamie urges parents not to focus on how the stroller folds, instead priorities testing both the brakes and handlebars, ensuring they are comfortable and practical for you and your lifestyle.

“It takes about five seconds to fold a stroller up, so you’re actually doing that for a very limited amount of time” he says.

“Your buying your stroller to push, that’s the number one thing, so you want to look at how the breaks work, then look at the handle bars and then start looking at the fold”.

Admitting that for him, nothing pushes better than a Bugaboo, Jamie has named the Austlen Entourage as a new pram to watch.

“The [Austlen Entourage] has been on my radar for quite a bit” he says.

“I played with a lot at the ABC Show this year and really talked with the lady who designed it and its very smart! She did a killer job of keeping everything integrated very easily, it is very smooth to adjust everything, its exceptional!”


Jamie also discussed the American trend of baby wearing, something we don’t see all that commonly in Australia, but of which Jamie is a huge fan, recommending Ergobaby and Baby Bjorn as your go-to for baby carriers in Australia.

“Baby wearing in the past 5-6 years has exploded in America. People are really starting to understand the benefits in terms of just being hands free and able to get around” he says.


“A lot of people don’t understand that baby wearing is considered vertical tummy time. It is very good for head and neck development, for control, I am a huge huge baby wearing advocate”.

From enjoying wines and mojitos on the Sydney harbor, to getting up close and personal with a koala, Jamie is well and truly embracing the Australian way of life!

Hopefully this means we may just see The Baby Guy back in Australia very soon!

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