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Introducing Little Connoiseur 

February 15, 2016
Introducing Little Connoiseur

They may only be new, having launched the week before Christmas, but already Little Connoisseur are making a name for themselves with their sophisticated yet sweet personalised floor cushions.

Little Connoisseur was founded by Shea Guymer and inspired by her gorgeous daughter Poppy Valentine.

After twelve months of maternity leave from her job in luxury marketing for a number of fashion labels, Shea had time to think about what her next career move was going to be. The new mum decided that it was time to pursue her own path, she just hadn’t quite decided what that path would be.

“It really came out of discovering a need for [Poppy] that I started to design” Shea says.

“I was literally looking for somewhere that she could plant her little bottom everyday, to sit and read a book or watch TV and just have somewhere to hang out and play in her room as well as in our lounge room”.

star room

Unable to find a product that suited her needs, a product that was practical, yet stylish enough that both Shea and Poppy would love it for years to come, Shea decided to design something herself.

“I discovered all these things that would look lovely in her nursery but I hadn’t found anything that I would really feel comfortable having in my lounge room so I thought you know what, there is this huge gap in the market for something that looks and feels grown up but is kid friendly and that was, I guess, the starting point”.

Having only been on the market for eight weeks, it is still early days for Little Connoisseur, but if the hype surrounding their beautiful Valentine Floor Cushion is anything to go by, we can expect to see some big things from the brand in the future.

The Valentine Floor Cushion, named as such as it was Valentines day Shea found out she was pregnant with Poppy, is round in shape and comes with a genuine leather adornment which can be personalised with your child name. Shea personally types out each name onto the adornment, available in a star, feather or leaf shape, then gold foils and embosses every single one. Available in either grey or blush, the Little Connoisseur Valentine floor cushion also features an exposed zip in gold.

cushion long

Little Connoisseur floor cushions are made from 100% upholstery grade cotton, are beautifully soft and come with a hypoallergenic, washable cushion insert made from recycled PET fibres.

With a guiding principle of appealing to both a childlike sense of playfulness as well as being aesthetically pleasing for Mum and Dad, Shea uses her time in the fashion industry for inspiration, as well as her number influence, Poppy.

“Every aspect of my life is helping to guide our brand” she says.

“I am trying to find what we at Little Connoisseur define as the perfect balance between sophisticated and sweet, playful yet practical, we want our products to feel just as at home in the nursery as they do in the lounge”.

cushion cot

With a real passion for what she is doing and an amazing team of craftsmen helping her every step of the way, the future is looking bright for Shea and the Little Connoisseur team.

“We are so excited that we have gotten this far and that the response has been so amazing” she says.

“We certainly have new designs in the pipeline and I’m hoping that 2016 will actually see us move past just floor cushions and into some other personalised pieces, so that’s what we are really working towards”.

cushion side

“I just feel so lucky I now get to do this for a living. I get to create pieces that, from the feedback we’ve had, people genuinely really love and that’s a really special thing to be able to do “.

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