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Meet Renee & Natalie | Toucan

April 28, 2016
Meet Renee & Natalie | Toucan

Toucan Wall & Art Prints are creating a lot of buzz! We talk to the talented duo who have brought these products to life.

Growing up, Renee and Natalie were always encouraged to use their imaginations and create their own unique spaces.

It stands to reason then that the Sydney sisters now share a love of not only their family and everything bright and beautiful, but also a passion for creating vibrant and colourful environments.

It was this passion that led the duo to start Toucan, a brand that brings colour and joy to your home through wall art, bed linen and soft furnishing.

The sisters founded Toucan in 2014 after renovations alerted them to the lack of locally sourced, beautiful and quality home décor, particularly for children.

toucan hails

From humble beginnings, the girls have been overwhelmed with Toucan’s rapid success, having to move from their home office into their very own studio in 2015.

Renee and Natalie have now said goodbye to their careers in childcare and graphic design respectively, instead focusing their skills on Toucan, creating beautiful one of a kind prints that they hope will stimulate and inspire young minds everywhere.

Taking inspiration from traditional and classic décor, while incorporating a modern and on-trend feel, the sisters draw on their different and unique styles and tastes to create a gorgeous range of prints and décor wide enough to reflect every child’s personality.

Here at Tinitrader, we were thrilled to have Toucan involved with our Sydney Pop-up stall. We had a chat with the girls and found out a little bit more about both Toucan and the creative sisters behind it.

Tell us about Toucan and where your inspiration comes from.

Toucan is a Sydney based lifestyle brand run by two sisters specializing in a range of personal products that reflect our own family aesthetic and positive outlook on life.

On a creative level, all of our designs draw inspiration from a feeling that we try to embody in our products.

Every day things that inspire us are usually brought into the workspace, sparking different ideas that are then work shopped and eventually transform into something special.

toucan colour

Our inspirations are not limited and can be taken from any one person, place or thing. We always aim to create a product that inspires and perfectly encapsulates what the toucan is as a brand is all about, and never compromise.

How does the creative process within Toucan work? What are the stages in designing and bringing a collection to life?

Although our business has grown and operates on a much larger scale to when we first started, our creative process is still very personal and we use the same relaxed, hands on approach Toucan first began with.

Our creative workspace is set up in such a way that allows us to interact with each other when working and planning out new ideas.

We do not limit ourselves by subscribing to the conventional formula of seasonal releases, which allows us to take our time and get it right. It also cuts out a prolonged release process when launching new product.

What exciting things can we expect to see from Toucan in 2016?

We are working on a new linen range included muslin wraps, some limited edition gold foil prints and also some print packs including invitations and baby milestone cards!


Do you think that your backgrounds help you when it comes to designing and producing products that kids will love? If so, how?

Yes definitely - Renee comes from a childcare background previously working in the industry for over 10 years and Natalie a graphic designer - we also have 2 children of our own so combining all of these factors together provide the perfect palette of creativity to stimulate and inspire little minds

What are your tips when It comes to decorating a child's bedroom or nursery?

toucan pink

  • Add positive statements, words of love and encouragement to your little one’s space with “scriptured” wall prints or decals. The Toucan collection has a range of positive and motivational pieces for our little darlings to be inspired by.

  • Feature walls: Instead of creating a feature wall with paint, why not cluster a group of mismatched artworks, prints and photos together? This is a hot trend for 2016 and is easily adaptable to change as bub grows.

  • A personalised name print is a sweet and simple way to put a signature stamp on a new bub’s room. These timeless treasures are a beautiful memento that your child can keep forever. There’s nothing more special than an artwork that’s made just for you.

  • Now available in fun prints and great designs, bed linen is the key to making bedtime fun and selecting sheets that are in keeping with your little one’s interests. So, be bold with your bed sheets – and select new, not just pink or blue!

Where do you like to shop? What are some of your favourite shops?

Majority of our shopping is done online A) for the convenience and B) because of the original and unique handmade pieces - some of our faves include Winnie Dot The Label, Interior Motives, Rockmelon, Zilvi, Penny & Elke etc

What are some of the other brands that you are loving at the moment?

Who are you following on Instagram?

hello look here

What 3 words would you use to sum up Toucan?

Creative, motivational, fun!

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Photos credit to Toucan and Hails & Shine Photography

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