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Miann & Co Launches Bon Voyage

February 11, 2016
Miann & Co Launches Bon Voyage
Grab your winter layers and get ready to set sail with the gorgeous new collection from Miann & Co, Bon Voyage.

In true Miann & Co fashion the Bon Voyage collection is quirky, fun and a little bit unusual. Inspired by all things seaside the range is full of beautiful, unique pieces that will undoubtedly become treasured items and fond memories in your children’s very own adventures.

Fish Bean Bag La De Dah Kids 4

Rebecca and Terry, the talented team behind Miann & Co, still get butterflies of excitement when they see all their hard work come to life within a new collection.

“I love the beginning of a new season and a new range” they say.

“It’s the end of one creative journey and the start of another exciting adventure, where we get to see kids interact with our new characters and start to anticipate what will be the season’s faviourite”.

Grey Cross Hatch Foot Pouf La De Dah Kids 3

Featuring a new range of large softies, snuggle cushions, hand rattles, bean bags, floor rugs and blankets, the Bon Voyage collection is sure to inspire and delight both children and adults alike with its timeless style and lasting sense of fun.

The range is largely inspired by Terry and Rebecca’s cherished family memories of coastal camping adventures and imaginative seaside journeys, with their own sons acting as constant inspiration for the creative pair.

“[Our boys] are quite creative and love creative and inspirational places” they say.

“Our boys share a room and they have very similar interests which make it lots of fun. Seeing their imaginations run wild is definitely a huge inspiration”.

Black Cross Hatch Blanket La De Dah Kids 4

With their products designed in Geelong and handmade ethically in Asia by a passionate team of women, Terry and Rebecca are not only passionate about creating unique, high quality pieces but also strive to empower women in third world countries.

“We proudly continue to work with inspiring women who hand-make our beautiful products” they say

“We love that the Miann & Co process is empowering women in third world countries through the opportunity to earn a flexible income whilst taking care of their families from the comfort of their homes”.

Rose Pink Scallop Floor Rug La De Dah Kids 3

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