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Michael Klim on Fatherhood

August 31, 2015
Michael Klim on Fatherhood

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with Michael and chat about his family and what Fatherhood means to him.

Michael is one of those lovely people who is genuinely more interested in hearing about you than he is in talking about himself. Michael is humble, friendly and open and seems to take this same approach when dealing with his kids.

Lindy and Michael have 3 kids, Stella 9, Rocco 7 and Frankie 4. Like all families, the Klim’s are busy juggling work and family. It just so happens that the juggle occurs across 2 countries. Currently the Klim’s kids are based in Bali and then Lindy and Michael fly in and out depending on work commitments. The kids are the couple’s priority and taking on any commitments that take time away from the family are carefully considered.

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Travel has always been part of Michael’s life. Michael’s father was a Polish diplomat and Michael enjoyed living all over the world before his family settled in Australia. No wonder quick trips back and forth to Bali are no big deal for him.

Michael talks fondly of Bali as a relaxed environment for the kids to grow with laid back and warm people. Lindy has family and heritage in Bali and is a descendant of the royal family. Lindy’s Mum lives in Bali along with other family members. The kids attend a school called the Green School. The school focuses on giving its students a natural, holistic and student centred education. Parents are encouraged to be included in the everyday learning. Michael loves the school and credits the school with bringing the best out of his kids. Looks like a pretty cool place to go to school!

As you can imagine, the Klim’s are a super active family and spending time with the kids in the outdoors is a key priority. Bali is a wonderful place to enjoy time at the beach. Stella and Michael have started surfing on a regular basis, while Rocco loves to skateboard. Many days are spent at the beach followed by lunch and time in the pool back at the house.

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Michael enjoys spending time with each child in turn. He has been amazed by how different each of their children is. There is no cookie cutter approach that can be applied to how he deals with each child. Each child has their quirks and challenges and he tries to modify his approach to each.

The children are amazing at reflecting back flaws/quirks in our own personality and make you want to be a better person. Michael is a perfectionist and pursues his endeavours with a passionate intensity. Sometimes he sees these traits in his children. He acknowledges that these traits are important for achievement, however to lead a balanced and happy life they need to be carefully channelled and managed.

Michael is focused on his children leading a healthy life filled with exercise and good food. However he doesn’t seem to see this as something to be made into a chore. This is simply how he and his family live their life.

Michael is keen to help his children enjoy their childhood while setting them up to be the best people they can be. He is not particularly interested in them following his sporting path, however he does point out that sport has created a great life for him.

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The family has been busy on the business front also. They have built up a number of strong brands, including the skincare range Milk, while Lindy has made a name for herself in the fashion world.

Michael has great advice about helping kids to find a passion and then pursue that passion. It is a privilege to find something you love in work and play and then pursuing that passion is never difficult.

Michael and Lindy have created a wonderful life for their kids. Like all families they will continue to juggle their everyday commitments with making the right decisions for their family. However Michael seems to be living in the moment and enjoying time with the kids. A great approach we could all learn from!

It was a pleasure to chat with Michael about his kids.

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