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January 30, 2014


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These days kids don’t just walk to school or to the shops. No way! Why would they when they can scoot around and get there in a fraction of the normal time, whilst having way more fun? Micro® is definitely taking the little people world by storm with plenty of scooter options available. The Micro® range includes:

Mini Micro Kick3

The Mini Micro grows with your little one, and can be used by kids as young as one year old and grows with them through three specific phases, so they can start scooting early and just keep going!

Micro mini

Neon Mini Micro for Preschoolers

The updated Neon Mini Micro for Preschoolers now comes with even more fantastically fresh colours as well as a stronger brake.

Neon Mini Micro Scooters

Micro® mX Freestyle Scooters

Has your child become a scooting superstar? Then the Micro® mX Freestyle Scooter will be right up their alley as it caters to the most proficient riders who pull the biggest tricks and stunts. Available in mx Trixx, mX pro and mX 180, these are scooters for pros.

Micro 1652012 HIGH 062small

Sporty Mini Micro

Hello fantastic new features! Great coloured grips, a fresh new wheel design and coloured t-bars make this super sporty Mini Micro a real show-stopper! Available in 7 colours.

Sporty Mini Micro

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